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    olympus c80-80, canon xl2, sony pc3
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    ikelite x2, (soon a new gates)
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  1. hi, been a while since i was in here. well got a new familymember so i've stayed dry for 1.5 years so the misses could go play in the water again. but now i'm back. i just got the hc7 w. ikelite housing. and am having problem setting the wb. it works fine down to about 10 meters then its like it wont set... gonna try whit the filter tomorrow, just got it figured out so it will stay on the wc-10 lens. there might be some trick to setting the wb if anyone knows of some please let me know. if i figure some out i'll drop a line. quite happy whit the low lite on the camera. been inside caves and some wrecks and it acually turned out ok. bye for now. t from the toe'z
  2. hi, any thoughts about the ikelite housing for this camera?. what do you guys think, any opinions would be appriciated? http://www.ikelite.com/web_two/sony_hc1.html ""All camera controls can be accessed with this housing, including both manual and auto focus. All touch screen menu functions are also provided which allows white balance. "" thanks tom
  3. hi scott, this is how it was for me. i feel the controls are in bad positions. unless you put the housing on something you can't use the zoom while filming, as you have to let go of the handle to reach it. for personal use maybe this works but if you want to sell your footage, then no, as it is basically impossible to hold the camera still with one hand and zoom with the other. it's not at all balanced, if you let go with one hand it "falls" to one side. you have to have a super long thumb to control the start stop/on/off. the rubber ring that holds the red filter is not very firm (very flexible) and 95% of the time the filter itself falls out of the ring when you take if off the domeport (when i was using my lights instead of filter), so i had to remove the filter from the ring and "hold" (sticking it my mask strap turned out to be the only way not to scratch or lose it) onto it some way until it was needed again. thus, it was nearly impossible to have fast or smooth transitions from filming with filter to using lights or the reverse. also, in the housing the lcd could open less than 75% so every time i tilted it it closed! i had to use a piece of foam just to keep it open. the good side of my experience with the housing was that you can disassemble it easily and i like the color! Also, the people at Equinox were friendly when i called and talk to them.
  4. i'm sure this housing is ok for a ones a year-oneweek diver. but i dout that the new front will help. i might be wrong. and its a ok housing for what you pay. i would not recomend it thou
  5. hi, i had the same problem w/ reflection using Equinox. in the beginning it was much worse than it shows in your pictures. i taped and used marker pen and changed wide angle lenses. it got a bit better than with using the crap Equinox sent w/ the housing but still not good. after taping and using the marker pen i placed the red filter's rubber ring further from the housing, and that made it better, but i could NEVER film anything from below (shooting up). to get rid of all reflection you need to have a shade that sticks out at least 5 cm.
  6. hi, i sold my housing... got sick of using my surface marker... but are buying a new for my xl2. but this time it will be a gates. anyone have any info about equinox lights? i´m very restricted equinox products but they are halv price compared to Green Force http://www.dive-equinox.com/housing-lights.shtml
  7. i removed my original entry because this was the wrong forum for it
  8. Last fall we were taking off for 6 months backpacking. So I didn’t want to take a bigger camera with me. Panasonic came out with a small 3ccd camera (nv-gs) so I thought I try that one out. The only housing available was one from equinox. I read a few reviews about it, called and talked to them (they were very nice over the phone) so I got the propak 6. For a pal camera. Did not have time to dive with in back home. After the 1st day of diving I sat down in front of the tv to check it out. The only thing I saw was a reflection. A BIG round ring just in the middle of the picture. (Oh I forgot to say I had to use foam to keep the LCD open, and I could only see silhouettes...) I called equinox before I left about the LCD. And the guy said that he had the same housing and did not have that problem, (like I give a shit about his, mine was the one not working). I contacted them about the reflection. They said send it back to them and they would fix it, only I told them I’m in Asia!!! and are not gonna send it to them that would cost a fortune ( I guess they knew that...) I taped the front lid with black masking tape and used a marker pen to blacken (as I was informed to do, I started to believe they sent me a kit -assemble it yourself!) The wide angle lens (the lens they sent with the housing was crap so I had to get a new one, and it was not because of the new one. the old one was even worse!) O well, I had to wrap a safety sausage around the whole thing if I wanted to shoot up. It looked really professional, maybe I should attach picture of that! I used ikelite, light&motion. & gates before. Will not go for this crap again. So if you think of getting housing from them, think again! I did about a 100 dives with it, started to know what I could film and what not. You are VERY limited with this housing. It was so frustrating when there was something you really would like to capture but knew that it was no way due to the stupid housing! Man it makes me angry when I start thinking about it. Well, anyone else had the same problem? Or similar? Is there anyone else that uses the equinox? I know all housings need small, SMALL, adjustments in the beginning. But not 10 dives to find out in what situations you can use it in due to where the light comes from. x amount of hours to prep it. I done more than a 1000 video dives and used a few different setups, this is by far the worst one. tom http://www.scubatoe.com
  9. sorry, i´ll move it to were it belongs!
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