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  1. I use both Mares quattros or aqualung slingshots. I like a fin that is stiff enough, or has edge blades sufficient to allow, a good back kick if I need it. I back kick when taking photos more than probably any other type of finning technique. Anything but split fins, which don’t work well trying back kick.
  2. Great info here. I didn't see it in the thread, but I have a Nauticam 8.5 inch acrylic dome. It looks like the flanges are removable before polishing, but before trying that, I thought I would check to make sure they actually are before I ruin the water integrity of the my dome..
  3. Very nice images. I'm barely adequate with shooting a model underwater. One technique that I did use that I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere is that I used an underwater strobe, but mounted to a boom that was secured on the deck. I was also concerned about the safety of the above water electrical (as mentioned in this thread), so I opted with the strobe on the boom with an articulating end (so I could position it either above or below the surface - depending on the effect I wanted).
  4. Very smooth, large transaction with IanMarsh. Excellent seller. Described the equipment accurately and possibly even on the conservative said to make sure I was happy with what I bought. Outstanding communication and would buy from him without hesitation again. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the smooth Nauticam equipment transaction. It all arrived and was pristine - probably even better than you described. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for deleting the second copy Tim. Larry, this looks like a great resource for more than just the adapter too! Thanks!!
  7. Hi, Is anyone aware of an adapter that would allow a Nauticam dome to be mounted on a Subal Type 3 housing? (I'm aware of one that allows a Subal dome to mount on a Nauticam housing, but not the other way around). I couldn't find anything on the Subal site. I'm trying to extend the life of my older Subal ND30 rig (Type 3). I bought a Nauticam NA-D810 housing and two domes last year, but subsequently trashed my housing, camera and dome (THAT was a FUN shore entry!). I have a Subal 8-inch dome (DP-FE) but the glass isn't pristine and flares. I would like to use my undamaged, dust-collecting, 8.5-inch Nauticam acrylic dome if I possible, but there doesn't seem to be an adapter. Thanks and regards, Tom
  8. Hi Jim, Do you know if the type 3 accommodates the Nikon 16-35mm lens (barrel width)? I've not needed to use it on my Subal ND30 Type 3 but would want to on a FF camera. Thanks, Tom
  9. Valeria, did you ever learn the answer to your question? I am buying a used sigma 14mm f/2.8 for different reasons but would like to use it on my crop sensor camera (D300) with an 8 inch dome on a subal ND30 housing. I was wondering the same question of whether or not it will work because it can't accept a diopter. Thanks. Tom
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