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  1. Still available? And would you ship to the US?
  2. Thanks for the info, especially the hardwiring within the remotes. I routinely use cable releases for my landscape stuff, but the uTrigger had me very interested because it didn't require a bulkhead or any penetration through the housing (I don't need to give my housing any other reasons to leak ). It was a magnetic switch I think. That's what I'm hoping for. Retra said they may reintroduce it, but no production schedule, and the reason they dropped it in 2015 was lack of demand (which I can easily imagine for such a specific item). So, I may end up DIY'ing it yet.
  3. This may have been addressed, but I couldn't find it. For those that want to do long exposure photography in "bulb" mode, what do you use for a cable release / remote. I'm shooting a D800 in a Nauticam housing, but also still shoot a D300 in a Subal Housing. Something like the old Retra uTrigger that was universal would be perfect, but it was discontinued in 2015. Any thoughts or creative solutions (besides the rubber band that I have been using?). I dive cold waters, so the easier it is to work with dry gloves, the better. Thanks!!
  4. I still have my OM1 and my OM4T and Zuiko lenses which were fabulous. Still my favorite film based cameras. Especially the OM1. If you had an inkling about what you were doing it would take photos no matter what failed since the only "electronic" feature on it was an average light meter. I did need to replace the foam inside the body though because it degraded and became sticky.
  5. I use both Mares quattros or aqualung slingshots. I like a fin that is stiff enough, or has edge blades sufficient to allow, a good back kick if I need it. I back kick when taking photos more than probably any other type of finning technique. Anything but split fins, which don’t work well trying back kick.
  6. Great info here. I didn't see it in the thread, but I have a Nauticam 8.5 inch acrylic dome. It looks like the flanges are removable before polishing, but before trying that, I thought I would check to make sure they actually are before I ruin the water integrity of the my dome..
  7. Very nice images. I'm barely adequate with shooting a model underwater. One technique that I did use that I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere is that I used an underwater strobe, but mounted to a boom that was secured on the deck. I was also concerned about the safety of the above water electrical (as mentioned in this thread), so I opted with the strobe on the boom with an articulating end (so I could position it either above or below the surface - depending on the effect I wanted).
  8. Very smooth, large transaction with IanMarsh. Excellent seller. Described the equipment accurately and possibly even on the conservative said to make sure I was happy with what I bought. Outstanding communication and would buy from him without hesitation again. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the smooth Nauticam equipment transaction. It all arrived and was pristine - probably even better than you described. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for deleting the second copy Tim. Larry, this looks like a great resource for more than just the adapter too! Thanks!!
  11. Hi, Is anyone aware of an adapter that would allow a Nauticam dome to be mounted on a Subal Type 3 housing? (I'm aware of one that allows a Subal dome to mount on a Nauticam housing, but not the other way around). I couldn't find anything on the Subal site. I'm trying to extend the life of my older Subal ND30 rig (Type 3). I bought a Nauticam NA-D810 housing and two domes last year, but subsequently trashed my housing, camera and dome (THAT was a FUN shore entry!). I have a Subal 8-inch dome (DP-FE) but the glass isn't pristine and flares. I would like to use my undamaged, dust-collecting, 8.5-inch Nauticam acrylic dome if I possible, but there doesn't seem to be an adapter. Thanks and regards, Tom
  12. Hi Jim, Do you know if the type 3 accommodates the Nikon 16-35mm lens (barrel width)? I've not needed to use it on my Subal ND30 Type 3 but would want to on a FF camera. Thanks, Tom
  13. Valeria, did you ever learn the answer to your question? I am buying a used sigma 14mm f/2.8 for different reasons but would like to use it on my crop sensor camera (D300) with an 8 inch dome on a subal ND30 housing. I was wondering the same question of whether or not it will work because it can't accept a diopter. Thanks. Tom
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