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  1. I definitely don't see myself having the financial ability to go for the top end stuff so here I was with a Canon T2i / 550D and a cheapo (by underwater SLR housing standards) Meikon housing. To those who know this housing, it doesn't allow access to the little gear wheel you access with your right hand's index finger so you have to go with Program mode most of the time. I was too eager to start snapping and the first few photos seemed ok at 1/160 shutter speed so I didn't notice that the camera was actually on Manual and worsened by the fact that I was only relying on ambient light. Anyway, here're some of the better / more interesting shots I ended up with. Lens used was the cheapo kit 18 - 55mm IS (first generation IS lens). Might get the 18 - 55mm STM if future finances don't stretch into the Tokina 10 - 17mm after getting at least 1 strobe.
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