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    Nikon D7000
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    Acquatica AD 7000
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    2 X Inon Z240
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    TLC strobe arms, Ligth Archon
  1. For Sale : Aquatica 180 ° viewfinder # 20054 Aquatica 180 ° viewfinder # 20054 € 850 - FRANCE Aquatica 180 ° viewfinder of 01-2015. With protective bag, invoice and original packaging. Price: 850 € + shipping costs Email: kpal@orange.fr
  2. hello, I have a new AQUA VIEW 180 I prefer the macro, I wonder if an exchange would possible if this interests you. Thanks
  3. HI Nik, I am interested in the #18728# ring and the 45 degree viewfinder # 20059 # what the price of viewfinder # 20059 and # 18728 # # Focus Gear do you have pictures ?? my mail: kpal@orange.fr
  4. Hi, I'm interresse you have pictures ? my mail: kpal@orange.fr Thank you Paul
  5. I would like a quote on the following and can be emailed to: kpal@orange.fr Macro MF/AF lens port with soft cover + 8" Dome Port with soft cover and shade Thank you, Paul
  6. Looking for an Aquatica 8" Dome port! #18405 Many thanks!
  7. Hy to all, I am selling "18428" Macro port with neoprene cover for Aquatica housing for € 230. It can be used with 100 mm or 60 mm macro lenses. You can me contact at: kpal@orange.fr Buyer pays shipping & Insurance. Paypal preferred. Thank you
  8. Hi I'm looking for an Aquatica Focus Gear "18728" It's for a Nikon 85 mm lens . I live in France Thanks Paul
  9. Hi I'm looking for an Aquatica AF/MF Macro Port. It's for a Nikon 85 mm lens . I live in France Thanks Paul
  10. Hello I am very interested in the viewfinder is what you can deliver in France. Paul.
  11. The package has arrived. thank you Paul
  12. Hello I am interrested can you tell me the price with shipping to France. Paul
  13. bonjour daniel est ce que les 2 clamps sont compris dans les 825,00 €.? cdlt Paul
  14. Bonjour Daniel, J'habite en FRANCE et je suis interesse par vos 2 flashs INON Z240 + 2 clamps sans les fibres optique quel est votre prix avec les frais de port si cela est encore disponible? Cdlt Paul Hello Daniel, I live in FRANCE and I am interested in your INON Z240 2 + 2 clamps without optical fiber what is your price with shipping if it is still available? Cdlt Paul
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