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  1. For what its worth. Had this same problem with my D70 and an Ikelite housing. Worked great down to about 100 feet, but the screen won't work below that depth. Tried doing everything I could to reproduce this problem out of the housing. Pressed every button, touched every button, put pressure on different parts of the camera, no luck. Called Ikelite. They suggested the housing needed maintenance and asked me to send it in. I posted on this board, but no one had any advice that helped. I have not sent the housing in for maintenance because I want to upgrade soon, but nothing else I tried worked.
  2. I have a Nikon D70 in an Ikelite housing and both are a little over 4 years old. This year, when going to depths below about 100 feet, the display on the camera quits working. The camera still takes the pictures, I just have to bracket all my shots because I can't take a quick look to see if I have my exposure correct. Obviously the pressure is working on something to stop the display from working. I can't figure out what it is though. As near as I can tell looking through my mask into the housing at depth, none of the buttons on the housing are touching the camera. I have taken the camera out several times, repositined every thing, and it is still doing it. Anybody else with this setup ever have this problem, and if so did you solve it? Thanks.
  3. I will second that. Had a DS125 latch break and got a flood. They fixed it (as they should have) for no charge and sent me a free dive light for my troubles. Great service.
  4. I guess I am lucky. The better half and my daughter love to find me subjects to shoot. They get annoyed if I don't get the perfect shot of the thing they found or I am busy with something I found and don't get a shot of their find. But overall it works out well. On boats I try to stick with the same boats so the DM's know me and my abilities and will let me stray from the group or not keep up. Most dive guides will do an out and back or a loop around on the tour. I can always catch the critter on the way back. Most of the group never realize they are passing back by where they just came from. That way you can take your time and avoid the group scaring your subject off or other photographers bumping you out of the way. Then you are also not the "skunk at the Ritz" by hogging the subject while you try to get a picture or slowing the group down.
  5. All shot with Nikon D70, DS125, Nikon 60mm off the Kona coast of Hawaii.
  6. To wrap this up. Ikelite fixed the strobe no questions asked and did not charge me for it. Thank you Ikelite.
  7. Sorry about the link. Thanks for putting it on as an attachment. I appreciate all the replies. I have sent the strobe back to Ikelite to see what they say. I never hit it on anyting more than a slight bump and I never forced the latch. I was totally surprised when I took it apart and water ran out. Even broken like this it seals pretty tight, but when you put some pressure on it, you can see the gasket coming open slightly. I am going to go with the bad plastic theory.
  8. I went diving last week and noticed during the dive that my Ikelite DS 125 wasn't working and the modeling light was very dim. I attributed it to a weak battery. When I got home and took the battery off water ran out of the battery. I then noticed the damage pictured in the photo. Has anybody else seen this kind of damage on theirs before? I never hit this strobe against anything real hard or put any undue stress on it. I only have 25-30 dives on this strobe. I have another one with 50 or 60 dives on it and it is fine. Was there something I could have done to cause this? Thanks. (mod edit, changed image to an attachment since the hotlink does not seem to be working.)
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