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  1. The great response concerning Ikelite service makes me glad in my choice of housing . We have very brackish fresh water on Koh Tao ; Thailand and I made the mistake of rinsing my gear in this . Everything seemed fine until I returned from a month's trip home when I discovered ; yeah you guessed ; some plaque buildup on the push buttons . What is the safest way of removing it and will it damage the integrity of the seals ?
  2. Hi Eric and everyone ... My name is Abri , I am a South African scuba instructor currently working in Thailand . Have recently bought a Canon G2 and Ikelite housing , so will soon be bugging all of you with newbie questions . (Don't worry , will first look in threads for answers) I am an avid freediver and spearfisherman but only hunt reef fish with camera .
  3. Hi all, I have recently sold my Nic V and am considering the G2 with Ike housing. Any comments and suggestions pro and con would be appreciated ,specifically regarding macro capabilities.
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