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  1. I've got the 13mm fisheye, the 20-35 zoom and the 50mm macro. I've tried all 3, and just realize I always wish I had a different lens than the one I chose. Guess that's the downfall of too many choices. I also know it's too darn heavy to carry the case with all 3 lenses to the boat!
  2. Just acquired a mint condition Nikonos RS. I'm pretty happy after my first few dives. Just wanted to see if anyone else out there was shooting this camera and could share any thoughts or advice. I shoot film on land so figured why not stick with it underwater as well. I just like to be different. -J
  3. Hi, Joe Stam from Holland Michigan & Chicago Illinois. Returned to diving over the past year. Been an avid amateur land film photographer for years and just getting serious about UW photography.
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