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  1. Well, that certainly shows how dumb I can be... I have a bag of those exact Uxcell items that I bought in 2018 (with the toslink cable and o-rings) specifically to make my own optical cords. I just never did make them as I have 4 now and have not needed any new ones yet. -R
  2. For the housings that take the approx 1/4in optical plug-in cables, what do people use for port plugs to block the extra port, assuming you have lost the ones that came with the housing? (i.e. sea & sea plug I believe it is)
  3. Price drop to $300USD + shipping from Vancouver Island B.C. Canada and any payment fees. Paypal or interac transfer accepted. (Note: this new price does not include free shipping)
  4. Sorry, I tried to remove the ad or edit my posts but neither seems possible.
  5. UPDATE! $350US but now this price includes shipping to USA or Canada (Canada Post or USPS).
  6. Ikelite DS51 Strobe $350USD + Shipping/Paypal fees Ikelite DS51 Strobe (4044.1), comes with diffuser, 1" ball mount and manual Strobe is in excellent condition, never flooded, always rinsed in fresh water. Buyer pays shipping from Vancouver Island B.C. Canada and any payment fees. Paypal or interac transfer accepted.
  7. Price drop to $500 USD. Buyer pays shipping from Vancouver Island B.C. Canada and any payment fees. Paypal or interac transfer accepted.
  8. Olympus TG-6 Camera and PT-059 Underwater Housing $550USD Olympus TG-6 Camera and PT-059 Underwater Housing for Sale. Both items are in excellent condition. Housing has never been flooded and was always rinsed fully in fresh water after every dive. Buyer pays shipping from Vancouver Island B.C. Canada and any payment fees. Paypal or interac transfer accepted. Olympus TG-6 Camera includes: • Olympus TG-6 Red • Olympus battery, charger and charging cord (USB, also used for photo transfer) • Olympus Tough soft padded case • 64GB Memory card. Olympus PT-059 Underwater Housing includes: • Optical port attachement & blanking plug • Underwater lens cap • Olympus o-ring grease
  9. I have an Ikelite for the G16 (TTL version). I realize it's not the Canon housing you seek, but you can PM me if you are interested. (note: I'm on Vancouver Island, Canada).
  10. I dive a 35W HID canister due to our very dark waters off Vancouver Island. It died a while back (12yr old battery) and I used other lights while waiting for the new battery. I definitely LOVE the powerful HID. So I always carry that light. I also dive with a TG-6 rig (my 'scootering' camera) that has strobe and a Big Blue video light. I also dive with a DLSR with bigger strobe in Nauticam housing with Kraken ring light as focus lamp. The Nauticam is heavy, but I'm used to holding the canister light via goodman handle in my left hand at all times. The TG6 is much lighter. I can hold and shoot either camera one handed, but prefer to use both handles. I just point the light away from the shot so it doesn't interfere with the other 'camera' lights. Once you get used to doing it a certain way, it starts to come naturally.
  11. It's also important to think about how you want to take photos, and whether a particular strobe is appropriate. I got some used DS125's with a camera housing, and they were perfect for that set-up. However that meant "wired connection" and manual strobe use only (no TTL in the housing plus $$$$$ to convert to TTL). Eventually I sold them and got a pair of used Inon Z240s (when the 330s came out and everyone was unloading 240s). I like them a lot more than the Ikelite DS125s simply because I can use optical sync, which immediately made my system "TTL capable" (there's a pop-up flash on the DLSR that works inside the housing). As I prefer to have TTL in some circumstances ('off the cuff shots') it was worth switching strobes. Recently I bought an Inon S2000 because it's so tiny I can pack it on my 'scooter camera' and its just the right size to sit in the slip-stream. I realize it's nowhere near the power of the Z240, but for macro shots it's still totally fine, and I mostly take macro so I'm good. Again, this is why you need to spend the time figuring out 'your style' and what you want to do. Macro has different strobe/lighting needs compared to wide angle. Dark water/low vis vs. tropical reefs etc.
  12. I have LR 6.14, which was the last version with an educational discount. It does not support my latest camera, the Olympus TG-6. I downloaded the latest Adobe DNG converter and use that to create files that LR 6.14 can read. It's not that difficult a change to my editing work flow. I tried one other photo edit program, but the upgrade policy & pricing was too ludicrous to believe, so I shelved it permanently.
  13. I bought Luminar 3, and made suggestions for new features which were ignored. Fair enough, but then came all the hype about Luminar 4, with a price tag I was unwilling to pay for a few more features. So beware: A Luminar "lifetime" license is ONLY a license for the major version number you buy. In my case it's 3. It gives me nothing with respect to 4 except a feeble upgrade discount. I paid less for my Luminar 3 via on-line 3rd party special than Luminar's own 'deals' on 4 by almost 50%. To me it's not worth upgrading, as the missing features (i.e. not in 3, not in 4) were essential to my personal workflow. I'm still using Lightroom 5 installed on my PC. I use Oracle's VirtualBox for my Virtual machines, and have done for a few years now. I had purchased VMWare but got tired of the annual '$69.95 or more CDN' annual 'upgrade' fee.
  14. I need my TG-6 system to be as compact as possible for scootering (less drag). I bought the Inon S2000 and am totally thrilled with it. I use a single 8" light aluminum arm and just fold the strobe under it to make a very compact system. For video light I just use a BigBlue 2600 spot/video light.
  15. Canon G16 Underwater Camera System for Sale, $900 USD. All items are in excellent condition. Housing and strobe have never been flooded and were always rinsed fully in fresh water after every dive. Buyer pays shipping from Vancouver Island B.C. Canada and any payment fees. Paypal or interac transfer accepted. Canon G16 Underwater Camera System includes: · Canon Powershot G16 Black · Lexar 200x SDXC 64GB · Canon NB-10L Battery Pack NB10L for G1X G15 SX40 HS SX50 HS · G16 case (Lowepro Santiago 30) · Ikelite Canon G16 TTL housing 6146.16 · Ikelite DS51 strobe · Ikelite SA-100 strobe arms & ICS-5 sync cord (kit) · Neoprene port cover for G16
  16. I have a similar set-up, but with only one S2000 strobe. I position it right over the lens pointing down for my macro shots. This setup is primarily designed to be super compact for scootering, but it does work well for macro photos.
  17. I wasn't sure, so I grabbed my TG-6 and experimented. YUP - when you turn the flash off in A mode with minimum speed (I had 1/125) and maximum ISO (I had 400), it ignores you completely. I just took a 4second shot of my keyboard. :-) I suppose it's not totally unexpected - the shot would have been totally black if the settings had been honored. What I do find most disappointing is how "crummy" the manual is for the TG-6. I understand if this was the "user manual" and there was a more detailed "expert manual" or "technical manual", but the manual you download is all there is for the camera. I found two other horrible omissions in the manual: 1. It says nothing about what aperatures are ACTUALLY available in A mode. It also says NOTHING about how displayed aperature changes when you zoom. You can figure it out pretty quickly, but only 3 f-stops when first turned on? (2, 2.8, 8). Really? 2. It also says NOTHING about how to attain 1cm focus in A mode. If you just turn the dial to A and then switch from auto-focus to macro-focus, it doe NOT focus to 1cm. More like 2in. I had to read about zooming to 1.2X in order to activate the 1cm focus. It's weird to have to do that in the first place (why?) but not to mention it at all in the manual is just terrible. I love the camera, but am really disappointed in the manual. -R
  18. Ikelite strobe items for sale; prices shown below. Available individually or can be purchased together. All items in good condition and working when last used. Ikelite dual sync cord - Nikonos digital to 2xIkelite 4104.32 $190CDN or $145USD Ikelite Optical Slave Converter 4403 $125CDN or $95USD Ikelite EV Controller 4100.6 $150CDN or $115USD Buyer pays shipping from Vancouver Island B.C. Canada and any payment fees. Paypal or interac transfer accepted.
  19. Strobe, Arm & Cord Package: Ikelite DS51 Strobe, sync cord, ball mount & arms $725CDN or $550USD Ikelite DS51 Strobe (4044.1), comes with diffuser, 1" ball mount and manual Ikelite single sync cord (Ikelite-Ikelite ends, 4103.51) Ikelite 5" strobe arm, two clamps & long quick-mount ball Everything is in excellent condition. Strobe never flooded. Willing to sell individually only if package does not sell first. DS51 Strobe $450CDN or $345USD Arm set $175CDN or $130USD (includes Ikelite quick-mount ball) Sync cord $100CDN or $75USD Buyer pays shipping from Vancouver Island B.C. Canada and any payment fees. Paypal or interac transfer accepted.
  20. The G7 Mk III was just announced this week. As for your question, I have been diving a G16 with Ikelite TTL housing for several years now. I quite love it, though I am not as fond of the corded TTL. I swapped another camera system to Inon Z240s and optical sync and am much happier. I looked at the G7 as well as the G9. They are almost the same camera (sensor, electronics, etc) but the G7 is considered to have a much better lens than the G9. It's also a bit 'thicker' than the G9 as a result. I don't like the G7 housings as they all have the oval port, which I dislike from a purely aesthetics standpoint. Also pure personal opinion, but I really do NOT want a touchscreen in my UW camera. Reading the reviews for the G9 & G7, it works (RecSea housing), but it's really fiddly to set up the first time, or so the reviews say. I ended up going with the Olympus TG-6 and PT-059 housing because it was so small. The TG-6 is the same native resolution (megapixels etc) as the G16, which was plenty good enough for me. I went for it based 100% on size (and cost, but that was incidental). So far after first dive I quite like it. I'm happy with my purchase (bought July 4, arrived July 9, 1st dive July 13).
  21. Quick update: Within 24 hours of my tech support email about Luminar3, I got a reply with a link to an actual windows (.msi) installer. That worked perfectly. I started looking at Luminar3 due to an emailed deal that was slightly better than 50% of the standard price, which also hit my personal "sweet spot" for stuff I'll buy just to try it out. After playing with the trial version for a little while, I bought the full version at the sale price. The good news is that because Luminar3 is updated very regularly, the latest version (May 2019) easily imported my Olympus TG-6 raw images. Sweet. As I still have LR6 (full purchase) and now Luminar3, I'll post any findings/thoughts as I start to use it and get a better sense of how it compares to LR6.
  22. New price: $160 USD. Same terms as original post.
  23. I'm using LR 6 (purchase) and to this point have loved it. Sadly, it won't import raw files from my new camera - the Olympus TG-6. I tried installing the raw camera update, but that seems to have been totally ignored. Finally I installed the latest raw converter and converted all the raw images to DNG and was able to import them into LR 6. But - I don't consider that ideal. Today I got an email offering me Luminar 3 for a pretty good "one time & forever" price. I'm tempted. Some on-line comparisons show the latest (May 2019) version is a pretty good compeditor for LR. Sadly, the trial I downloaded won't install. I have a call (email really) in to their tech support but so far it's not a promising start.
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