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  1. Thanks for the advice so far. I am planning on shooting UW with the 5D...I was just trying to get away with using the same equipment for in the surf. Maybe just a UW bag for the surf?
  2. I've been shooting alot of surfing pics and now I'm venturing into the water to get up close for the cool shots. Shooting a Canon 5D in Ike housing (arriving any moment...I hope) with 17-40mm f4L . Does this sound like a good combo? Thanks!
  3. Hopefully going out next weekend (unless the kids make states...darn those good athletes!) with the D20 and Canon 24mm WA. Let me know how your shoot went.
  4. Charge them! -$20/20 Images minimum of $50 (high res.(16 meg+) $3 an image $100 minimum). -$10 for CD (jpeg files) includes shipping, but no post production (cropping etc.). -Post production runs $100-150 hr. minimum of $25. If they are overseas don't forget extra shipping! Remember you own the rights to the pictures unless you sign them away...which is a whole other topic. I've run into this above water, usually at the ball field or tennis courts. I photograph my kids and someone walks up and asks if they could get some of their kids.....suddenly I was swamped...so I started a PT business. Now I'm getting addicted to this underwater thing...sheesh! Just my 2 pennies.
  5. Brand new to underwater photography (minus the pool stuff with my little PowerShot S1IS in the WP-DC20). I've take the plunge (ha how punny) and purchased an Ikelite housing and strobe for my Canon D20. Which port to get?...of course silly me then thought...which lens to use? After parusing some of the expert opinion on here I'm still not sure what to get. I have several lenses, but they seem to not be the right ones..so before I buy the port (flat or dome?) what lens? Sorry for the silly questions, but I'm new to this UW thing (except diving, I do have a few years under my belt). thanks!
  6. Oh I saw exotics and had to throw my exotic in there. I worked for the USGS water resources div for a while and may favorite exotic to hate is the Indo-Pacific swimming crab (Charibdys hellerii). Found many of them in the intracoastal waterway here in FL. Unsure of its impact on other inverts. It has established itself well here in FL.
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