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  1. Great video package that includes: Canon HGF 10 video camera with remote, Gates housing with magenta filter, standard port, wide angle port, macro port, spare o-rings. All in pelicase.


    Lights are not included.


    $1500 + shipping


    Can ship worldwide




    Photos will follow shortly.






  2. Hi,


    This is probably an old topic that is being discussed from time to time, but have to ask the question again.


    Looking for the "best" video editing software for my mac (macbook PRO 2012).


    Currently using iMovie and Gopro Studio, but would like to have some more options with regards to headings, text and color correction. Have been looking at FCP, but it is SOOOO expensive here in Norway (almost $450). Have considered PremierCC, but don´t lover the subscription concept.


    Also, would prefer if it was`t too complex.


    Any good suggestions out there? Would also be helpful if the program had some tutorials etc..



  3. Thanks for feedback!


    There are so (to) many choices...Probebly I cant go wrong with RX100...but there are some other cams that get good reviews as well. Is the RX100 complicated to use in video mode?


    I'm still waiting for a revelation from the underwater video god saying "this is what you shall by and No doubt about it"....

  4. So, I've been diving with my gopro 4 and 2off sola 1200's for a while now, and I really enjoy the post dive "work" of video editing. So I'm now considering moving it one step further and get something that could give me some better quality video's. I live in Norway, so most of my dives are in dark and murky water with max 5-8meter viz. So getting something that can handle "darkness" is important. My question is simply, will the rx100 be a step up? Will it give better video Quality? And if so, which rx100 mk should I get? Is mk 2 better than 3 for video? Or are there any other good options for shooting video that doesn't involve selling the dog and wife?


    All feedback is appreciated...

  5. Thanks, Chris.


    Yes, I saw that package but it might be a bit to expencive. Also, I'm considering buying the s110 new from my local shop so I get the warranty and everything. But yes , if the housing and camera was just a bit cheaper I would go for it.


    How did you find the battery on the s100? I see that there are some complaints. My dives are mainly less than 60 min, and I plan to use the cam for a mix of video and photos.




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