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  1. Looking for a first camera to take my diving to a new level. After reading reviews and articles I think I've landed on the Canon S100 (I think). As my budget is somewhat limited (and the camera no longer is produced) I'm thinking of buying a used one. My question (one of many) is what brand of housing to go for? From what I understand the ikelite one gets mixed reviews, so maybe I'm better of buying a more expencive one? I've also read that there has been some complaints about the battery? Will it last for a dive with a mix of photo and video? As I live in Norway, the water is fairly dark/green so I need a camera with good Ā«skillsĀ» in low light suroundings. I know it's recommended to get strobes as well, but for a start I think I'll use my Sola 1200 (gopro) video light. Is the s100 a good choice? So many questions..... Jb Sent from my SGP321 using Tapatalk
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