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  1. Eduardo, attempted to email the photos to the address you provided, but the email was returned undelivered. Do you have a different email I can try?
  2. I am selling some various old gear that I no longer use. Everything is in used condition but to the best of my knowledge works good and is fully functional. What I have: 2) Light & Motion Sola 1200 video lights. Come with chargers and both original cases. $300USD for both 1)Sea & Sea YS-250 pro. Comes with a custom neoprene cover I had made in Thailand. $400usd FIX housing for a Canon S100. Comes with double arm tray, dome port, macro diopter set, and a custom neoprene cover for both the port and housing. I will also throw in 3 chargers and batteries for the Canon. I am selling this as a housing only because the camera I have for it seems to be having some malfunctions but you can have that too. $400usd Light & Motion Bluefin Pro housing and Sony XR550 HD camera. Comes with the Fathom Wide Angle, can’t remember exactly which one off the top Of my head. Housing had a complete service awhile back and had not been in the water since so should be in perfect shape. Comes with a bunch of stuff seen in photos: flat port, red drop down filter, macro diopter, float for the housing, spare o rings, spare handle rings and handle wrenches, cover for the wide angle port, remote for camera, and a few other bits. $1000usd Buyer would pay all shipping from the US. Items are sold as is. Let me know if you have any questions. I have tons of pics I can send.
  3. Photos added, Strobe has never been flooded. Not sure what a fair price for this model would be, do you have an offer in mind?
  4. I have a Sea & Sea YS-250 Pro I am interested in selling. The stripe works great and is in good shape, just shows some normal wear from use. Included is a custom made neoprene cover for it that both protects it and makes it slightly less negatively buoyant.
  5. Is anyone selling a Panasonic Lx100 and housing? Thanks.
  6. Jake here, professional diver from the States, but now living in New Zealand and new to U/W photography. Cheers.
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