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  1. It is still available, yes. Everything is in perfect working order as far as I know. Housing was serviced by L&M and hasn’t been back in the water since. I can email over some photos if you’d like. Thanks, Jake
  2. Eduardo, attempted to email the photos to the address you provided, but the email was returned undelivered. Do you have a different email I can try?
  3. I am selling some various old gear that I no longer use. Everything is in used condition but to the best of my knowledge works good and is fully functional. What I have: 2) Light & Motion Sola 1200 video lights. Come with chargers and both original cases. $300USD for both 1)Sea & Sea YS-250 pro. Comes with a custom neoprene cover I had made in Thailand. $400usd FIX housing for a Canon S100. Comes with double arm tray, dome port, macro diopter set, and a custom neoprene cover for both the port and housing. I will also throw in 3 chargers and batteries for the Canon. I am selling this as a housing only because the camera I have for it seems to be having some malfunctions but you can have that too. $400usd Light & Motion Bluefin Pro housing and Sony XR550 HD camera. Comes with the Fathom Wide Angle, can’t remember exactly which one off the top Of my head. Housing had a complete service awhile back and had not been in the water since so should be in perfect shape. Comes with a bunch of stuff seen in photos: flat port, red drop down filter, macro diopter, float for the housing, spare o rings, spare handle rings and handle wrenches, cover for the wide angle port, remote for camera, and a few other bits. $1000usd Buyer would pay all shipping from the US. Items are sold as is. Let me know if you have any questions. I have tons of pics I can send.
  4. Photos added, Strobe has never been flooded. Not sure what a fair price for this model would be, do you have an offer in mind?
  5. I have a Sea & Sea YS-250 Pro I am interested in selling. The stripe works great and is in good shape, just shows some normal wear from use. Included is a custom made neoprene cover for it that both protects it and makes it slightly less negatively buoyant.
  6. Is anyone selling a Panasonic Lx100 and housing? Thanks.
  7. Jake here, professional diver from the States, but now living in New Zealand and new to U/W photography. Cheers.
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