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  1. Hello Wetpixel, I'm cleaning house and have the following for sale. Free FEDEX Ground shipping (insured) in the contiguous USA: Aquatica D700 housing. Other than cosmetic wear and tear, in great shape, super reliable and just serviced. $1,800 Two Nikon D700 camera bodies, plus batteries, manual and chargers. Excellent condition. One body has 45k frames, and the other 23k. $1,400 each. One Nikon 10.5DX Fisheye. Mint condition, like new. $525 One Nikon D2x body plus chargers and batteries. Excellent shape. Only 17k frames. $525 Aquatica D2x housing, as is. $525 If anyone is interested, please send me an email to mpo@msn.com. Preferred payment method is paypal. Thanks and regards, Michael Patrick O'Neill www.mpostock.com
  2. ...Ha! I bet they pay better than Diver Magazine!
  3. Hello Wetpixel, The Daily Mail (UK) just ran a nice portfolio of my images from my May 26-June 1, 2013 Cat Island trip. Despite the horrible weather, it worked out in the end. A huge thanks to Epic Diving for making things happen out there. Note: There is a very nice video embedded in the feature. It's not mine; I don't shoot video. It was shot by Vince Canabal of Epic. Note 2: The feature has a sensationalist headline - I didn't write it, I just answered the agency's questions. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2338825/Brave-diver-keeps-cool-circled-8ft-man-eating-sharks-crystal-clear-Caribbean-waters.html?ito=feeds-newsxml Enjoy & all the best, Michael Patrick O'Neill www.mpostock.com
  4. If you are serious about getting natural, un-manipulated green anaconda shots underwater and have a few $$$, I suggest you try Bonito in Southwestern Brazil in winter (May-August). I was there 4 years ago and had lots of luck and memorable encounters with a 16 ft. green anaconda in the clear river (spring fed - think Crystal River but with lots of toothy creepy crawlies). No pulling the snake into the water for shots. It's already there, along with all the caimans & other jungle goodies. You ease into the water and slowly work your way into the vegetation. Thrilling... There are lots of wildlife tours there, but you really need a guide (a very good one) who can pull strings and get permission for you to go into private riverside property (enormous cattle ranches) where you can really spend the time and look for the snakes, etc. Unfortunately, things there have gotten very expensive in the last few years. Good luck, Michael Patrick O'Neill www.mpostock.com Photos - Green anaconda underwater, Cuviers dwarf caiman & Sucuri River - typical spring in the vicinity of Bonito, with that beautiful clear water.
  5. Hello Wetpixel, I reluctantly post this here after basically running out of patience with DIVE, the UK-based dive magazine that is now available only online. In the magazine's last print issue (Jan 2012), I had a nine-page feature (text and photos) on South Australia, plus a full-page image for the TOC. I've contributed to DIVE many times in the past. It was always late in paying (by several months), but it paid. The page rate was lousy, like all dive magazines, but it was pennies from heaven, as I saw it, helping me offset the expense of gear, trips, etc. The article was commissioned by Simon Rogerson (editor at the time). Jo Mattock took over when Simon left, and Ryan Wantling (sp). was the finance manager then and continues in the same role today. Ryan has informed me the magazine/publisher (Circle Publishing) went bankrupt, liquidated, and has now resurfaced as a new entity. He claims the digital magazine does not have the funds to pay my fee (but if you look inside there are plenty of ads, so they are receiving some revenue). I wasn't going to bother with this third-rate publication, but the catch is that I register all my images with the US Copyright Office before submitting to agents, publications, etc. Non-payment constitutes a copyright violation, and this can bring very heavy punitive damages to the infringer on a per image basis. They used lots and lots of photos that had previously been registered with the US Copyright Office. I believe the UK respects US copyright laws, and would like to see what my options are. If anyone is familiar with any copyright attorneys in the UK, please get in touch privately via email: mpo@msn.com I would like to take this forward to a small claims court or beyond. Many thanks in advance for any possible assistance. Best fishes, Michael Patrick O'Neill mpo@msn.com www.mpostock.com
  6. Hi John, I bought the 16-35mm one year ago and use it on my two D700 for both topside and uw (with the Aquatica glass 9.25 dome and 63.5mm/2.5 extension ring). I've used it with/wo diopter and can't tell the difference. I love the lens and at one point used it for 200+ dives straight without switching to my other favorite, the Nikon 16mm. To me, occasional corner softness catches my eye (depending on settings) but doesn't bother me at all bc image buyers don't notice it/care. I guess only photographers catch these details). I also notice some distortion along the edges but again to me no big deal. It's a fast focusing lens but not as fast as the 16mm, in my experience. Low light? No worries. I've done three cold & dark trips this year (British Columbia 2x and North Carolina - just back last night. Conditions were challenging: low viz due to swells from Atlantic storms and deep wrecks. Lens focused spot on sand tigers and other deep sea goodies. What I especially like is the zoom. I rarely, if ever, have to crop an image. I hope this helps. Best fishes, Michael Patrick O'Neill www.mpostock.com
  7. I've been to Fiji twice to do the Bulls with BAD (Beqa Adventure Divers; contact Andrew Cumming, manager: adventuredivers@connect.com.fj). I highly highly recommend them and will be returning in 2011 to photograph the large numbers of bulls showing up - peaking between May-August. One of their key divemasters, Rusi (pictured below) is truly one of the world's top shark whisperers. No doubt, the conditions can be challenging with all the fish. The trick of course is to minimize the distance between the sharks and you ;-) Many people only dive 1-2 days there in transit from liveaboards. IMHO this is a flawed approach. If you want to get nice shots, you have to put in the time. I've done 20 days (everyday) at Shark Reef, and some of the following images have gone on to sell in publications worldwide over and over again. Good luck! Michael Patrick O'Neill www.mpostock.com August 2007 Old film shots from August 2005 Rusi and "Grandma" one of the biggest bulls around at nearly 600lbs Feeding bulls in the open water. They gave me complete freedom there, and I wasn't confined to the old fashioned shark dive MO. However, you have to be aware of your surroundings a bit bc the sharks are everywhere.
  8. Thanks guys. I appreciate the input. I was up there back in 2001 and am seriously considering returning. I agree, the diving's some of the best around. All the best, MPO
  9. Hello Wetpixel, I'm considering two back-to-back trips on the Mamro, a small liveaboard in Port Hardy, British Columbia next month, and was curious to know if anyone has any experience, positive or negative, concerning this boat (safety, operations, cleanliness, food, choice of dive sites, etc etc). If you could please provide any feedback to me, either through Wetpixel or direct via email, I would be most grateful. Many thanks in advance, Michael Patrick O'Neill www.mpostock.com 305-333-7166 tel. mpo@msn.com
  10. Hello Wetpixel, For the most part since the beginning of May the diving's been pretty happening over here in the Palm Beach area, with clear and warm water. Check these photos out - just from the last 10 days. Leatherbacks have been hit or miss (2010 is their "off" year), and these are my first mating greens in five years. I had to choose between the greens and a pair of loggerheads about 200 yards away that were getting ready to mate as well. I spent about an hour with them yesterday, taking well over 200 shots. I like these the best (I think, still have to sleep on it some more). Leatherback - the coolest animal on the planet. This big girl was about 8 ft. long and 1,000 lbs. in 30ft of water. She was larger than the males I photographed last year. A religious experience. A little treat from the BHB (on fire lately); juvenile jack knife fish. Best Fishes, Michael Patrick O'Neill www.mpostock.com
  11. thanks Jeff. Will see if I find a 1.5 somewhere. rgds, MPO
  12. Dear Wetpixel, My "go to" WA set up with my D700 & Aquatica housing is the tokina 10-17mm, 1.5 Kenko tele, Aquatica 6 inch dome port, and the correct Aquatica extension ring (forgot the exact part). With this set up, the raw files have no vignetting, lens/port shades creeping in the corners, etc. The files are clean and don't require cropping. The configuration is perfect. Anyway, my 1.5 Kenko might be having some problems (I recently got some "f0" readings, indicating no lens attached to the camera = poor contacts). I thought, ok, very simple, I'll buy another kenko 1.5 tele, but the problem is that it's been discontinued and now they sell only the kenko 1.4. BH, Adorama, others no longer carry it. Big question: If I buy the kenko 1.4 for use in the same set up, will I get vignetting or part of the dome shade of the six inch Aquatica dome on the raw image? Many thanks in advance for any possible help. Very best wishes, MPO
  13. Hi guys, I'm near Gladden Spit (Belize) about to start hopefully some whale shark & snapper congregation photography. Does anyone have any info as whether the whale sharks and snapper are around for the April 28th full moon? Is anybody out here right now? Please share info. Please get in touch via forum, email (mpo@msn.com) or private message via wetpixel. Many thanks in advance for any possible assistance. Regards, Michael Patrick O'Neill www.mpostock.com
  14. Very very unfortunate. The latest reports indicate it was probably a single shark, a bull or tiger around 8 ft. It bit this guy in the back and thigh. He had bruises on his arms trying to defend himself. The shark bit once and came back again, which is not your typical Florida shark "attack" (hit and run). Medical examiner's report is due today with likely id of the shark. It has been pretty sharky over here lately, with frequent beach closures and lots of cool sightings on the reefs. MPO
  15. Here are mine: Male Leatherback in the open ocean way offshore Florida (Gulf Stream). Taken with a D700, 16mm, 6 inch dome port, 1.5 Kenko Teleconverter, Aquatica housing and two Inon Z220s. This turtle is one of four seen and photographed in one unbelievable day. This magnificent animal is about 8 ft. long and almost 9 ft. from flipper tip to flipper tip. Shortly after the photo he tried to bite the camera and I had to push it off with my hand. Young boy in Bali playing with a home-made jukung on the beach at sunset. Taken with a D2x, flash, 16mm on the last day of shooting for my new book, Wild Waters. Very best wishes to all for 2010. Michael Patrick O'Neill www.mpostock.com
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