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  1. This is an example of image theft. Using someone else’s image or work without giving them any credit is a kind of scraping which happens on web every now and then. However, removing copyright is a crime and the one doing so can be punished for the same. There are many ways to fight or report these type of digital data theft: · The webmaster of the scraper site can be contacted and asked to either remove the copied data or to give credit to original publisher. · DMCA banner should be displayed on the site in order to ward off scrapers. · The owner can file a legal complaint against the one who is stealing data. · One can even report to Google about the pirate site. It is always wise to protect your website/image/blog/business site/database from such web pirates using different spam prevention tools, restricting downloads, restricting user access, or by using a constant monitoring service such as ScrapeSentry, Scrapedefender etc. With the help of these methods you can easily protect you website from hacking, piracy and spam.
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