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  1. Hi Adam, have you carried out the comparison with the RETRA prior to handing them over to Alex? Will you be posting your findings or will there be an overall review once they have been used in The Caribbean? Thanks Barry
  2. Hi Wolfgang, I have the same housing as you with a UW Technics board. On receipt my D1 would fire perfectly but I couldnt get my D2 to fire. I finally sent the housing back to Hugyfot who changed a few bits includung I think the plugs that the opticals fit into, I also upgraded the fibre to S&S 50128 and have not had an issue since.
  3. This same shot Adam Z330 vs Retra would be very interesting to see
  4. Great images Phil, assume from the look of them the Z330s performed well?
  5. Some info received from Inon UK this morning: We have further specifications on the new Z-330. Please see the attached link: http://www.inon.co.jp/cgis/news/img/Z-330_spec_201712_En.pdf
  6. I wonder if the FIX / upgrade to solve the TTL issue on the UWT circuitry be an easy fix?
  7. Its strange to me that there is such a lack of information for the launch of a new product by Inon and no input on these forums. Obviously one or two advance Strobes have been sent out and then again the information from these is quite limited. I expect with time more information will drip out but expect there are many of us eager for more detail.
  8. Adam, would be great to get a direct comparison against the RETRA as the cash is burning a hole in my pocket and not sure which option to choose
  9. BJF66

    Hugyfot D7000

    All sold except for Housing (price reduced £800)
  10. Hi is this glass or acrylic please and the size 70 or 90mm Thanks
  11. Thanks for the video Adam, only question now is Z330 or RETRA
  12. BJF66

    Hugyfot D7000

    D1s Optical cables Clamps and arms SOLD
  13. BJF66

    Hugyfot D7000

    Selling due to upgrade, good condition all rinsed thoroughly after dives and used on holiday diving only. Located SE UK Hugyfot D7000 housing with leak detection / Vacuum recently serviced by Hugy. Hugyfot vacuum pump. D7000 Body 2 S&S YS D1 Optical cables x 2 Clamps x 4 8 Arms x 2 Hugyfot 8 Dome Port ** May be able to throw in a Tokina 10-17 for a small additional cost but this hasn't been used underwater by me, works fine topside** Price - £1750 plus shipping Images to follow or please contact me and I will email.
  14. Hi, How old is the strobe please/
  15. Just to update you Pavel the new S&S cable hasn't solved the issue. I think the housing is going back to Hugyfot to have a look. They confirmed it had been tested on Z240's with a single strand cable and had worked prior to despatch so I can only assume this is the TTL / D2 either not talking or there is not enough signal being sent to fire the flash to trigger it (have heard the D2 sensor is quite sensitive).
  16. Thank you Pavel, Hugy have suggested sending the housing back but I think I may purchase a Sea & Sea Multicore cable first to try that.
  17. Hi Pavel, I have tried a couple a 10Bar and also a Sea & Sea but I think the S&S is an older version.
  18. I have a similar issue with a D2 and new Hugyfot D500 Housing with TTL. I Have a D1 which works perfectly, if I slave the D1 to the D2 it fires or if I use my old D7000 housing with pop up flash it fires but it wont fire off the TTL from the housing. I have this query out with Hugy as they assured me they have no issues prior to the sale of the housing and i don't want to start buying new multi-core cables if this wont solve the issue. Any input would be greatly received.
  19. Where was the manta footage? Great video! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. I am selling a hardly used, never flooded YS 01. Always rinsed in fresh water and probably only seen 40 dives.reason for sale is to pair up with my DS 01. Located UK, sensible offers considered and images can be supplied on request. Thanks Barry Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. BJF66

    Sola Photo 600

    Do you have a guide price? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. We just returned from South Ari, was shocked how one of The Manta points (Bojhamadi) sometimes had up to 8 Safari boats moored up and it was like a football stadium around the previously empty coral block the mantas come to get cleaned. No current and reef hooks applied without any consideration, we were also pretty sure that one boat had dropped something into the water so their divers could see some sharks as greys and white tips at 4m depth is pretty unusual! Great photos though! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Aside to the 4/5 and 6 star hotels there are some cheaper options without going liveaboard. This operation has access to some of the best diving in one of the most untouched atolls and is Maldivian / Italian owned. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Hi, I have just returned from Constance Moofushi (3rd visit) can thoroughly recommend the Island and The Dive School Blue Tribe. We travelled with our Daughters 8 and 15 who did Bubbles and AOW respectively Dive sites are amazing being on the West Side of South Ari Atoll is one of the best locations offering Channels, thilas and Kandus. We have noticed on the West Side of the Atollndome of The Manta cleaning stations now have resident Mantas rather than those that migrate to to the East side as the Monsoon Changes. Let me know if you need any further help you can pay as MUCH or as little as you want and have a vast array of Islands to choose from. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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