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  1. My book 'Stupid Fishes' is now available from online shops! Blurb: Stupid Fishes pairs ocean photography with bad jokes, taking the slightly unusual (and certainly satirical) approach of blaming marine life for humanity's destructive action. Comprising the work of hundreds of hours of time spent under water over the past few years, this book covers marine life ranging from the common to the rare and bizarre. Accompanying the imagery are texts describing the plight of the animals with at best very questionable scientific accuracy. Making up for this lack of scientific rigor is the amusement caused by the nonsensical explanations. https://store.bookbaby.com/book/stupid-fishes https://a.co/d/hd8DabM
  2. Anyone got one lying around? Also happy to swap for a 35mm I'm no longer using.
  3. Heh, it's not about the money, that ship has sailed a long long time ago... I would prefer not to waste aluminium though, we live with finite resources after all. Damage is physically impossible, but some image degradation might happen. I'll just test it and will report back.
  4. Does anyone know what would happen if I were to use a Sony FE 28-70mm with a WACP-1 with a 35mm distance ring instead of the 20mm that's on the port chart? From my admittedly naive understanding of optics I'd assume I'd lose a tiny amount of corner sharpness at worst?
  5. Hi! Can I have the Macro Port 60 please?
  6. Hi everyone! I'm going on a serious expedition later this year (well... Sept 22-Sept 23 - those are years, not dates. :)) and I'm wondering about gear selection. One option I've been thinking about is to get an MWL-1, which in FX seems pretty unusable for my purposes with a f16+ requirement. The Z7II has enough resolution that I could easily shoot in DX instead (still almost 20MP!). What usable apertures would I be looking at here? Anyone have any experience with that? Thanks!
  7. Snapping/pistol shrimp, afaik.
  8. This statement surprises me greatly. I'm blown away by the AF performance of the Z7II, I think it's superior to my other camera, which is a D5.
  9. This was exactly it - that makes quite the difference! Thanks everyone for the help, things are much much easier now...
  10. Hi there! I'm currently in Anilao doing some macro photography. Instead of my trusty D5 I brought a Z7II along. While the image quality is absolutely outstanding (see attached), I'm facing an issue that I hadn't considered before: the screen is quite dark for framing and I need to throw a shitload of light at a subject to focus at f22. I can improve that by slowing down the shutter speed of course, or open the aperture (not a fantastic choice for a 2mm nudi at 1:1 distance...). So, the question here is: am I an idiot and forgetting something obvious? Am I half an idiot and forgetting something not-so-obvious? Or is that just how life is with a mirrorless camera? Thanks in advance for any tips!
  11. WACP-1 is gone (as in 'I'm keeping it , it has a ding on the front element that seems to cause no optical issues from my point of view'). Final offer on NA-D5 and Nikon D5 combo (otherwise I'm keeping it too ): USD7500, EUR6600.
  12. Since it just came back from Nauticam in HK, here's the NA-D5; almost like new. (which is what you'd hope for, seeing how this cost ~USD1200
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