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  1. Hi everyone!


    I have a full wide-angle set (minus strobes) for sale!


    Nikon D750 (with 3 batteries, 2 64GB SDCards) (new: $2000+, willing to sell for $1000)

    Nikon 16-35mm lens (with Nauticam zoom gear) (new: $1100, willing to sell for $700)

    Sigma 15mm fisheye lens (new: $600, willing to sell for $400)

    Nauticam NA-D750 housing (with vacuum system, 5pin strobe cable port, lanyard) (new: $3800, willing to sell for $2200)

    Nauticam 8.5" acrylic dome (new: $600, willing to sell for $300)


    Everything in great working condition, I just find myself not using it enough.


    If you want the full set I'll part with it for USD4200 - roughly 50% off. It shoots VERY acceptable images :)




    PM me for questions.

  2. Okay, if that's what you're going for I can only recommend going to workshops and also shooting a lot. And trying new things. I can recommend Martin Edge's workshops and tuition days, he has a great way of explaining things in an understandable way, and I'm sure the same would be true for Alex Mustard and others. Oh, and look at all the winning pictures of these contests, there's a bunch of commonalities that you can find that apparently help. :)

  3. That last one is bizarre, and I mean that as a total compliment! In general these are very good. There's a bunch of things that could be done in post, like frog fish could be a stronger picture if you rotated it slightly so it's symmetrical, or a graduaded filter on the clownfish to account for the lack of light at the bottom of the frame...


    I'm wondering: what's your goal?

  4. Hi String!


    Zou want to set up the profile in Lightroom correctly - in 'Camera Calibration', all the way at the bottom of the develop settings, you can choose your profile. And if you hit shift while choosing (I think it's shift?) it'll let you choose the default. After I set mine to camera standard (figure out which one you like, then use that) I lived happily ever after. :)


    Good luck!

  5. I went diving in a mountain lake at 2400 meters above sea level this weekend - there were three icebergs, rapidly melting, that made for a great subject...

    I'd go again next weekend, but unfortunately the ice will be gone by then. Next year it is!



  6. Hi, crowd wisdom of Wetpixel!


    I was told I needed to get a Nikon 17-35mm in addition to my 15mm and 105mm. Seems reasonable, I have a pretty big gap there. I was looking at prices and was just wondering if the 17-35 is still the preferred lens, or whether I should go for the 16-35 instead? Has anyone done any A/B testing? Any other drawbacks or advantages either way?



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