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  1. It may have helped to read the entire text, I'll admit that... Sorry dutch!
  2. My opinion on white balance is 'shoot RAW, adjust white balance in Lightroom'.
  3. For some reason I can't post pictures from Google Photos directly, some security setting in IP Board... Oh well, here's a link: https://goo.gl/photos/KryRuJWVECuLTjPS8
  4. AHA! So do I. I just put the focus light on top of the buoyancy arm. I'll post a pic of the set up.
  5. I have the same situation as you with a compact port and the 105, and the solution for me was to get a buoyant piece of strobe arm )Nauticam 90x200mm carbon fibre float arm (Buoyancy 655g)) that I'm attaching to the 'hot shoe' with an adapter. Much better!
  6. I misread this, I thought you were selling a Nikon 17-35.
  7. There's also some sharpening going on with dehaze, as far as I can tell?
  8. ┬žI just played around with the dehaze feature, and let me put it this way: HOLY F//%( SH/&!!!! That is amazing! Magic! And yes - the position in the menu is... Uh... WHY?! This is the same image, one with dehaze dialled up to 100 to illustrate the effect: Before: P3010451-2 by Fabian Schorp, on Flickr After: P3010451 by Fabian Schorp, on Flickr
  9. I was totally kidding. My wife is ridiculously supportive of my hobby, and all the other harebrained schemes I keep coming up with! (there's lots of them... )
  10. I realize this is more of a psychological warfare problem than strictly technical, but after just receiving the package I have to wonder how I'm going to avoid death by skillet... What have you guys done in the past? Flowers? Chocolates? What's a good way of bribing your significant other? (this post may or may not be serious)
  11. I bought two YS-250 Pro strobes from Aquatic, and they arrived in good condition and very quickly. Good stuff!
  12. Hi Harvey! Shoot in RAW and forget about white balance. There's no difference between the RAW file if you use it or not, so just adjust white balance in Lightroom after. Cheers! Fabian
  13. On the vacuum valve vs. 5-pin Nikonos cable bulkhead question: I just checked, and it looks like the NA-D7100 only has one option bulkhead, while the NA-D7200 has 3 of them. So yeah, sounds like you're limited to either or.
  14. I was wondering about that too, but if the issue doesn't start at 16GB (size of primary card) it seems very unlikely. My best guess at this point is that Nikon isn't very good at file system management. NTFS has the theoretical ability to address 2^64-1 clusters of data, so anywhere from 16 to 256TB, but it all depends on partition tables and cluster size and journaling etc. etc., almost an infinite number of things that could be handled poorly. Still worth testing what Adam said.
  15. Hi! Look at this thread for some more info on TTL: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=55762 An important thing to note: If your strobes are set to TTL with optical connections make sure the strobes are not expecting a pre-flash. Nikon DSLRs don't do pre-flash, and this can be very problematic with similar outcomes on INON strobes. As for 'Another question if you had the option of shooting TTL or using a vacuum pump system to seal the rig which would you choose?': That's a strange question. But I'll answer it with 'vacuum system all the way' because nothing beats the feeling of 'my camera's safe' in my opinion.
  16. Try this, and good luck! http://www.freerecoverytools.com/camera/restore-lost-jpeg-tiff-raw-nef-photos-images-from-nikon-d800-d800e-sd-compactflash-card-windows-mac/
  17. What do you use to transfer images? What operating system are you using? Where in the chain do you notice the corruption? Can you see the images when looking at them in camera, i.e. if you take out the CF, can the camera display the images?
  18. TTL uses the built-in metering to determine the duration of the flash needed. Money quote from http://www.divephotoguide.com/underwater-photography-techniques/article/underwater-photography-ttl/:' Let it be known - TTL is not perfect! The sensor reads the exposure in the center of the frame, so if the subject matter in the center of the frame is overly reflective or overly dark in comparison to the rest of the frame, the TTL controlled exposure will still not be correct.' In my opinion TTL works mostly, but if you have something a tarpon (also known as 'swimming sliver of stainless steel') your exposure will be off. I personally don't use TTL at all anymore. With my optically controlled strobes I control the output manually (built-in strobe set to minimum, just used for triggering (if you use INON strobes, the magnets need to be IN in this configuration!)). Takes a little getting used to, but it's like the difference between shooting in M versus some program mode.
  19. I assume it's this one? http://www.sandisk.com/products/memory-cards/sd/ultra-uhs-1-class10-30mbs-global/ From Nikon's documentation and the specification it seems like that should work. Another possibility would be that you are on an older version of the camera firmware that somehow had a bug with this - https://nikoneurope-en.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/60442/~/d800-firmware-update-a-1.10,-b-1.10- if you haven't installed this you probably should.
  20. Hey Tim! https://support.nikonusa.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/17778/~/approved-memory-cards---d800%2F-d800eseems to indicate there's no inherent 32GB limit on SD cards. (Good, because I'd have had to start doing binary math because that's a confusing number!) Can you tell me exactly what card we're talking about? There's so many types and categories and classes these days it's hard to keep track of them... Did you format the memory card in camera? If not that's a possible cause for the issue.
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