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  1. Hi hi!


    I've already posted some of these on Facebook in the Wetpixel community, but maybe you don't use Facebook (like me until last week). I was at a workshop with David Doubilet and Jen Hayes, and Hal Silverman showed us quite some tricks on editing. Amazing week, and Grand Cayman is really interesting from a diverse diving perspective.


    Wreck of the USS Kittiwake, seen from the surface, while it's raining:

    18213776326_fa8c31d8c2_o.jpgfabianschorp_gcm_wreck_kittiwake_stern_small by Fabian Schorp, on Flickr



    A jawfish oxygenating its eggs (this shot took me an hour and twenty minutes...):

    18052500700_dfea562b83_o.jpgfabianschorp_gcm_jawfish_eggs_small by Fabian Schorp, on Flickr



    A stingray swimming towards me at sand bar:

    18241534801_211968c58c_o.jpgfabianschorp_gcm_stingray_split_frontal_small by Fabian Schorp, on Flickr



    Jen Hayes on the wreck of the Doc Poulson - spot the remora!

    18241534671_b5ba478ba6_o.jpgfabianschorp_gcm_wreck_docpoulson_overview_small by Fabian Schorp, on Flickr

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  2. I had a long conversation with underwater photographers/photo journalists last week, and we ended up on the topic of conservation: Giving people an emotional connection to what's in our oceans (or fresh water, for that matter) makes them more receptive to conservation efforts. Just look at shark finning, for example. After 'Jaws' was released the public opinion was 'only a dead shark is a good shark'. I still get questions from people these days when I post a picture of diving with sharks about how dangerous that is, which makes me laugh a lot when the picture is of a 50cm baby black-tip... But mostly I get adjectives like 'graceful', 'beautiful', 'majestic'. Rest assured, these people will not be buying shark-fin soup ever again. That's how we gradually make perceptions change with our work, and that makes it meaningful. Also, underwater life is just gorgeous. (Comment does not apply to painted frogfish and moray eels.)

  3. I've got it working! The only issue: I don't know why it worked on my Lembeh trip in February.


    This thread: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=49631and this post: http://reefphoto.com/kb.php?id=7 gave me the idea to try it with the magnets in. And that works. Money quote: If your camera does not fire a pre-flash, ACC must be disabled.


    I am 100% sure I didn't have the magnets in when I went to Lembeh, but maybe I had the camera set to TTL? Oh well. In any case: Magnets. How do they work?!? :D

  4. Sorry to hear that. Have you already figured out what was the issue with your strobes? Maybe the strobes where set to manual while the camera was on TTL?


    I haven't figured it out - I'll probably spend all Thursday trying to get to the root of the problem. The weird thing is that I had my strobes on full and in that setting they can really just fire or not fire. The camera was also on manual (just on the lowest power setting, because I don't really need reflections in my dome port). Still stumped. But at least it worked okay on TTL (both strobes and camera on TTL, that is).

  5. Hi hi!


    I was recently in Egypt (Daedalus/Fury Shoals) and had a pretty bad week as far as diving is concerned. On the first day I figured out that I had somehow screwed up my camera settings and the strobes didn't fire properly (emphasis on 'proplerly' - I think they fired too late and were pretty useless, for a non-obvious reason), and then I had a two-sided ear infection shortly thereafter. A total of 8 dives on a 6 day tour isn't my idea of efficiency... :)


    Anyway, that said: Here's a turtle swimming by on Habili Gadir, a dive site that only very few captains go to due to it being a pretty low habili and often getting current and waves...


    16679323574_972154f8c2.jpgFSC_2369 by fabian.schorp, on Flickr

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  6. Hi lufik!


    The minimum focus distance for the Olympus 60mm is 18.8 centimeters. With a dome port you're actually focusing on the virtual image that's created on the dome, not the subject, and that will not give you enough distance most likely. It's unlikely that you would be able to focus with that lens/port combination _at all_, you really need a flat port. Have you tested this?

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