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  1. Hey Sean! With a manta shot from below you have a big area of 'white' available already - in Lightroom you can use method 3 (http://digital-photography-school.com/3-ways-to-change-white-balance-in-lightroom/) to get the white balance right pretty much every time very easily. The first one is definitely the best version.
  2. Yeah, that sounds like something that very much depends on the item. You probably wouldn't expect that reduction on a case that has been in the water once, but you'd probably expect more than that on a scratched dome port. I don't think there's a general rule that you can apply.
  3. Hi Akoni, I love the D750. I was pretty scared of total failure (my total failure, not the camera's) before my trip, having moved up from a much simpler and smaller EM5. But even on the first dive I got some great shots; as long as you have the basics down the mechanics of a D750 feel very natural, and as usual Nauticam have done a great job of making the controls on the housing accessible and intuitive. I only struggled with aperture controls a little bit, because that was a big difference between my old and new housing. I got used to it relatively quickly though. In short, I can only recommend this setup.
  4. I just switched from a m4/3 to a FX sensor - because why not quadruple the sensor size if you can? Adam just posted the article I wrote on macro with a D750 yesterday: http://wetpixel.com/articles/lembeh-macro-with-a-nikon-d750 One of the things I think should make a considerable difference is whether you want to shoot macro mostly or wide angle. As my personal preference is wide angle (and doesn't it show in the article? Wait, what?!) I went with whatever would give me the most amount of (natural) light. I was still very happy with the performance I got out of a 105mm macro lens and the diminished depth of field actually is more to my taste, but that's something that could change with more experience (I had very little of that.) and might make an impact on you if you're used to more depth of field. John mentioned bigger bulk for FX over DX - the D7100 and D750 are actually close to identical in size, as are the Nauticam cases: NA-D7100: 343mm x 186mm x 134mm NA-D750: 353mm x 193mm x 128mm
  5. Can I go back now? Just for completeness' sake, here's the full album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129488282@N06/sets/72157650539433608/with/16413558340/
  6. Another vote for Martin's book! It also depends on what kind of a student you are - are you able to read books and then put that into practice? Or is it better for you if someone shows you things in person? Workshops and training days can be very helpful - I attended one with Martin Edge in January and it helped me immensely.
  7. Check out this video by Erin Quigley: https://vimeo.com/67522662 I used the surface blur/layer mask technique in PS for the first time two days ago and was blown away by how easy and fast it is.
  8. Just the first few I managed to post-process a bit. Lembeh is absolutely off the charts - I had no idea there was a place where one could see all these insane critters in one place. Also: I highly recommend Lembeh Resort. Great place!
  9. Not entirely on topic, but how would one go about avoiding this?
  10. Whom are you calling a 'hoe'?!? Love the xmas tree worm, nice diagonal composition!
  11. Due to flights and getting a good offer, I'll end up at Lembeh instead - thanks for the input everyone, I'm sure I'll be able to use that sometime this year.
  12. On my check dive at Kuredu house reef (I only did one dive there, went out with the Horizon after that) last February I saw a pipefish, octopus and a leaf scorpionfish. Definitely some good macro stuff around, but also lots of turtles (especially at the rear part of the island, named 'turtle airport') and tons of grey reef sharks. I'd take the 10-17 and the 100.
  13. These things are designed to cope with external pressure. I wouldn't risk exposing them to the opposite.
  14. My best from 2014 is a scorpionfish on the plateau at Daedalus: P5050929 by fabian.schorp, on Flickr The one that makes me smile the most is this, https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-VTC41sKQ3W4/U2yFcOSR_gI/AAAAAAAAT2Y/QVC8yDbpMbg/w1620-h1215-no/P5050947.jpg , because my buddy's facial expression is very 'Why the hell are you taking a picture of me?!' as she missed the hammerhead swimming up to her from behind.
  15. Weird. I'd suggest contacting 'clawnfish', who seems to have this setup working. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=54549
  16. Do you have an optical cable between the case and the strobe, or did you simply hook up the little mirror-swivel to the Z220? How is the strobe supposed to know when to fire?
  17. I'm sure you realize what kind of joke you're setting yourself up for with the 'animal portraits' fact - I'll just skip it this once. Congrats on the wedding!
  18. I don't think it hs anything to do with the strobes. I have the same effect in this picture (https://www.flickr.com/photos/129488282@N06/16139881542/) and wasn't even using strobes, it's just glare from the sun. You could try covering some of the offending areas that seem to reflect from the dome with black gaffa tape or something. Kind of like players do in American football with the black lines under their eyes.
  19. Happy New Year! https://flic.kr/p/qkGHvu
  20. I quite like this! In my opinion it may have been beneficial to use an even wider lens, and getting the model closer so there's more light. Also, ISO 800 is already borderline too noisy for my taste - on an E-M5 anyway. You can probably get it a little smoother by adding in some 'Luminance Noise Reduction' in the 'Detail' section of Lightroom. As Tim already said, the negative space is quite a bit of empty green (I like the color by the way) maybe try shooting from a little lower next time and have the model nearer the top? I'm just guessing here, I couldn't get a shot like this if my life depended on it... That being said, getting this good a shot in what I'd expect to be pretty low visibility: Kudos, good sir!
  21. Great information, thank you! (also: my Swiss-German garden isn't as tidy as you might think... )
  22. I'd be very unsurprised if LR5 had changed the memory handling. In particular, I'm inclined to think you may have been using Lightroom 4 in 32bit mode. 32bit mode means it could only address 4GB of RAM concurrently (Want boring math? Here you go! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAM_limit),which could means there was more page swapping but less speed before you upgraded, and there _may_ be an issue with one of your sticks of RAM. I'm just guessing here, but it could be a factor.
  23. Oh wow, that DOES look pretty! Although I'll have to say I'll be spending most of my time in the water anyway, so maybe I shouldn't choose by accommodation...
  24. My French is absolutely abysmal I'm afraid - not speaking it for ~15 years will do that! Checking it out, thanks!
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