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  1. What is wrong with t-shirt companies? Ordered new planet5D logo T - it is a grey shirt and the printing is crooked. LAME

  2. RT @iSkate8: Guys from @CamCaddie asked me to do a giveaway. What you think guys? Free goodies coming soon!!!! http://t.co/JdZAol0XIC

  3. RT @Drew599: My recent #timelapse just hit 250K plays. Glad to see people are liking it. Check it out. https://t.co/x5C4yHXTmD

  4. Just about 24 hours left to sign up and win!http://t.co/RVXWybxfLN

  5. Hyperlapse Packs 14 Months Into 2 Minutes While Constantly Shifting Seasons #HDSLRscoop http://t.co/UA1cV608Cs

  6. Slow Motion Video of the Nikon D4s Firing at 11fps with its Mirror Dampening Tech in Action - #HDSLRscoop http://t.co/GM3oLDCoe8

  7. Did you notice the “partners” menu on the blog? It has our affiliate links for B&H and Amazon and more! Try it out! http://t.co/5fIocS0Zbx

  8. He Posted One Photo To Facebook 3 Years Ago. It Changed His Life... And After This, I Can See Why. #photo@planet5D http://t.co/PuXB2Tp3oY

  9. Nine Lenses to Give Your Portraits Extra Pop - The Phoblographer #photo@planet5D http://t.co/cfEVyzI75C

  10. Cinevate Crash Cage – A Solid Metal Fortress For Your Camera http://t.co/iIrtEieuEP #photography #arts

  11. DIY Custom 1080p HDMI LCD Monitor Mount in Pelican Case » CheesyCam #HDSLRscoop http://t.co/eO0hF4gJx7

  12. Flekt: Studio Quality Light from Your Pop-Up Flash #HDSLRscoop http://t.co/enDkgZCpuk

  13. Canon Professional Services Now Supports All Cinema EOS products - http://t.co/Ewcr9wbk84 #planet5D

  14. Say Yes To Noon Sun – Create Amazing Portraits With One Simple Tool #photo@planet5D http://t.co/8jQrSK8CVt

  15. New in the superStore@planet5D - the “deals” page - have a look at the bargains we’ve found! http://t.co/FqW89YUoy2

  16. Looking to buy something at B&H? Please click this link before going to the store and support planet5D thanks! http://t.co/hRnknr46tH

  17. Who wants to participate on a huge 'live blog' of NAB 2014? Send me an email and I'll send instructions - planetMitch@planet5D.com

  18. Selective Color – Possibly The Best Tool For Photographers #photo@planet5D http://t.co/LQaO4exNq8

  19. Did you notice the “partners” menu on the blog? It has our affiliate links for B&H and Amazon and more! Try it out! http://t.co/tvlZqAcfiq

  20. planet5D is now on Flipboard for you iOS iPad users - join us here! http://t.co/UMsdiDcXQC

  21. GH4 first 4K shots in Paris (Pre Serial Camera...) #HDSLRscoop http://t.co/fKik9oz693

  22. RT @EricKessler: Wow! Is this an actual product? "Strippers sent" auto air freshener. What does glitter smell like? http://t.co/5B9OZQLDke

  23. Get your DSLR video headlines all day! One simple place for all your news: http://t.co/oXFcrix5JY

  24. 'Face Cartography' Captures Portraits at a Whopping 900 Megapixels #photo@planet5D http://t.co/ba5k9j8FJR

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