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  1. Finally made it underwater with the Meikon housings. 4th dive, so I'm starting to get the hang of it..new housing+ OMD em-10 underwater for the first time... Cons: Not the housing, which does not leak a drop...and the alarm went off because my silica was a bit damp... But I bought the tray and arms, and I have some problems with the ball on the handle, wich comes loose...gonna glue it ot use some loctite.. Got a Moray shot to share.... 14-42mm Oly, with +5 diopter! Will upload some of my wifes photos later, as she has the extension for the 60mm Macro. Guess I will convert mine ASAP... A fast edit....
  2. An update regarding the Meikon housing for OMD -EM10:I have finally tried the housings underwater. Both the original and the modified one from Bill Liberal,extended for the 60mm macro lens. Need to be more acquainted with the housing controls, though. We have 2 housings, and to camera housings, 1 black, 1 silver( should not be that different,but.). The Internal flash does not fully extend in the housing, but the flash works with the silver housing....must be different adjustments on the microswitch which turns it on... Temporarily, I disassembled the flash cover to get it working. It's only a few mm difference.... The housings themselves are totally waterproof, no leaks. The leak alarm seem to work as it should. Went off because my silicon gel pack was a bit damp..( humid air down in SE Asia..) This setup is going to work out 100%! I have only glued the extensions n on one housing, as I will try out the kit lens with my diopter first..... Sent fra min SM-T700 via Tapatalk
  3. :-) Not sure, bought last year on Ebay, I guess it's made in China, as most of such equipment is....
  4. Photos of the flip adapter with diopter
  5. Selling the following items, used: 2 x Ultralight trays with grips/handles, USD 85,- each Flip adapter for Olympus UW housings(fits Pt-EP06 & others), USD 70,- 1 x Ultralight baseplate 25,- One of the handles are grey... Or give me an offer! + Shipping costs from Norway Prefer Paypal ,credit card accepted.
  6. I've decided to include the tray and grips (Ultralight)in this sale, still for USD 420,-
  7. Can recommend Bill for this kind of work! Very pleased with the modification. The photos are from my OMD E-M10 .
  8. One setup sold for USD 350,-. Still have one identical set for sale! Sent from my SM-T700 using Tapatalk
  9. I'm upgrading and are selling my PM1 with Olympus PT-EP06 housing. Arms & tray in the photos are not included. In the box: PT-EP06 housing with O-ring(changed in January), Standard port which fits the 14-42.9-18 & 60mm lenses Silicon, grease, O-ring remover etc. from the original box LED leak alarm installed. Zoom ring for the 14.42mm(fits 9-18mm too) Olympus PM1 camera with 14-42IIR lens Battery Battery charger Original flash strap, manuals ,USB cable,etc. Used mostly in Thailand & the Philippines, se photos. Photos are taken with an Inon Strobe. Everything is used, so there are normal scratches from wear. Give me an offer! I am willing to sell only the housing if you already have a camera. Asking USD 420,- + shipping. Prefer PayPaypal.
  10. Seems I have found someone who can make the extension. If any other M10 owners are interested, PM meĀ” Sent from my SM-T700 using Tapatalk
  11. The Ikelite housing is 900 USD, one port 150-250 USD, A used EM10 will be far cheaper.....And, not sure if Inon strobes work directly with Ikelite housings? Already have a swing adapter + diopter, but there is quite a difference between using this combination vs. a macro lens.... I will look more into the Panasonic lenses, and see if it is possible to maybe modify the housing a bit. Guess I will loose the ability to zoom if I want to use the 14-42mm....
  12. Unfortunately, both are too wide (62-63mm). I can squeze the 9-18mm Oly in (under 60mm), but the rubber O-rings for the Zoom(14.42), must be removed. Don't think I'll go for WA anyway, as I 'm more into shooting macro.(the port will vignette anyway). I have a PM1 with a ZEN port for WA, which I have not decided 100% if I will sell.....My wife wanted a housing for her EM10 for macro.....and, as said, the Meikon housing seems of good quality. Much better and cheaper than the housing for my former Panazonic TZ10........:-) It should be possible to make a DIY solution, if one have the right tools and material available.......
  13. I have 2 x S-2000 on my rig, and my wife one. On our recent trip to Asia, 2 of them failed suddenly on dives. First, one of mine stopped working, and a week later, my wifes gave up. Luckily a friend of ours had both an Z.240 and one S-2000, so we survived borrowing one.... I shipped both to Inon, Japan, for repair, and got a mail back, were they found out both PCB's vere "fried" due to too rapid firing sequences, with a PDF file describing the limitations. They offered to repair, and stated the cost. I must admit I had never read this Operational Limitation document, but, from my EXIF data, I can not find that I have been shooting beyond the limit....so I think it's a bit unreasonable. Just want to inform others that there is a limit....and enclose the document from Inon. I am so far satisfied with Inon's service, and it is after all worth the repair, as new ones costs fairly more, and the 2 who failed have only been been used for 30 and 60 dives. They were both bought used, but was in very good condition, (one looked just like new, no visible scratches at all). S-2000_Operational_Limitation_1_0_0__En.pdf
  14. Yes, but the diameter may be to big to fit, and the 12-50 is almost as long as the 60mm.... Edit: Seems different pages gives different measures for the lenses.....so I will take the whole rig to a store where I can try the different lenses.....even if I'm really fond of the 60mm.. The thing is that I may have to buy to lenses:-) Both my wife and myself dives with identical rigs.......
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