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  1. Hi


    Im selling my Nauticam NA-1DX housing & Nauticam 8.5" acrylic dome.


    Im only asking for $2500 for both (cost over $6000) so grab yourself a bargain.


    The housing is in good condition and has been upgraded with the Nauticam vacuum leak system. The only minor issue is the shutter button return spring has broken, but it still works absolutely fine and should be a cheap and quick fix. Apart from that the housing has only a few minor cosmetic scratches.
    The housing can also be used with the new Canon 1-DXii, you only loose the ability to switch between video and live view if I remember correctly.


    The dome port is free from scratches on the glass, but has some scratches on the lens hood.


    Please see attached pics & feel free to contact for any extra info









  2. http://www.uwcamerastuff.com/dyi_dome_port_weights.htm


    Another question is how neutral is your setup on a whole? perfectly balanced setup helps alot.


    Regards Mark


    Hi Mark thanks for the link!


    Well my rig is pretty much neutrally buoyant , possible very slightly negative.

    But it is way out of balance, the dome port really does tip up at the moment

    I use one of the big Nauticam carbon fiber floating arms in the modeling light screw hole on top of the housing. This helps counter act the tendency to tip up.


    Thanks Diver Doug


    Another thing to try out

  3. Hi Steve


    Thanks for the very kind words!

    I will definitely take your advice onboard and try it out next time, Im finding out very fast just how important it is to get close!


    Seeing as I have such good equipment mainly as I already owned most of it for topside stuff, I'm glad that I haven't embarrassed myself to much and have hopefully done it some justice haha

  4. Hi everyone


    So heres some pics from 3 days of diving in Koh Phi Phi near Phuket in Thailand.


    Im an experienced photographer but have just recently got into diving and logged a massive total of 20 dives :mocking: and Im really enjoying the challenge of learning to take pics underwater.


    I would therefor very gratefully appreciate any comments or critique on my pics as there are some very talented photographers on here and would love to learn from you guys!


    Equipment used:


    Canon 1D-X

    8-15mm F4 Fisheye

    100mm F2.8 Macro

    Nauticam NA-1DX Housing & 8" Dome port

    Sea & Sea YS-D1's


    Thanks for looking!


    Skunk Clown Fish

    14225534543_70e17e533e_c.jpgSkunk Clown Fish by ollytindall, on Flickr


    14205271724_7fe31ab187_c.jpgSkunk Clown Fish by ollytindall, on Flickr


    14225533453_edd559312e_c.jpgTurtle by ollytindall, on Flickr


    14202901232_5f9d51c821_c.jpgMoray Eel by ollytindall, on Flickr


    14205273344_8442dccbee_c.jpgFalse Clown Fish by ollytindall, on Flickr



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