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  1. That Panasonic 8mm was a great recommendation, I'm really pleased with it. Its small and lightweight, and fast enough to do available light shots inside wrecks. The distortion can be removed in LR using the Sigma 8mm profile. Thanks everyone for the help! Chris
  2. For sale: Brand new Olympus 12-50 EZ kit lens that came with the camera, no scratches or dents Nauticam N85 Macro Port and Zoom Gear Set for Olympus ED 12-50 EZ Lens, no scratches or dents Port and gear have been tested in water once This setup allows to use the electronic zoom as well as to switch the 12-50 into its macro position, thus covering a wide field from macro to wide angle. asking 800$ plus shipping
  3. I'm selling my Olympus PTWC-01 wetlens, factor 0.6, 67mm. Comes with both covers, no scratches on the glass. asking 200$, plus shipping. Will ship in Europe and I can take it to the US to ship locally. Chris
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. Weight is an issue as I will be traveling for a longer period. I guess I will go for the 8mm with the small Nauticam dome and straighten out thinks in lightroom if needed. Thanks, Chris
  5. Hi all What would be your lens recommendation for wrecks (outside and penetration)? Just got a Oly OMD EM5 MKII Nauticam kit, now looking at the Pany 7-14 or Pany 8mm Fisheye. I like the 8mm's macro capabilities, but I’m worried about distortions that may create strange effects inside wrecks. Any advice? Thanks, Chris
  6. Hi Chris I'm interested in the Fix S100 housing in case Down Under does not work out Cheers Chris
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