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  1. Does anyone use the tokina fisheye 10-17mm with one strobe. Just wondering if u get full light coverage at 10mm. I have a wide angle Nikon 10-24mm and light coverage with my ikelite ds125 with diffuser is not a problem.my concern is that with the fisheye effect of the tokina that I'll get obvious shadows.... I don't have two strobes at the moment. Any advice ?
  2. Hi, my name is Ciaran O Murchu, I've been diving since 97. Started using an slr in 2009 a Nikon d90 with an ikelite housing. I mostly dive on the west coast of Ireland.latest trips were to the Azores and wrecks/ reefs Red Sea. You can see my efforts on Facebook. I joined as I'm looking for some gear advice....
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