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  1. No I didn't plan on using them on land, just wanted to say that I wasn't a commercial shooter or cave diver and they wouldnt see hard use. Thanks for the info on Bigblue. It's looking like the direction I will go.
  2. Thanks guru. I saw a deal on a set of SOLA 4000 used so I emailed L&M about replacement batteries. They said they no longer service the 4000 in any way so if they flood or need new batteries you are SOL. That's a pretty sour pill to swallow on a $1200 investment. That alone has put me off L&M forever.
  3. Does anyone have experience with these lights? There doesn't seem to be too many reviews out there. I have been searching around for something powerful and these seem to have some of the biggest bang for the buck at a listed 5800 lum. for $621. I know you get what you pay for and I don't want to waste $ but at the same time these won't see hard use, mostly filming family and friends with a GoPro and a few dive days a year.
  4. So the more the better makes sense to me. Guess it comes down to how much to spend. Do you think I would be disappointed With 2 2000 lux lights, I found a good deal on a SOLA set.
  5. Thanks for the tip on fix, I'll check them out. Can someone suggest what kind of power I would need. I read one post indicating 2 1200 lum lights wouldn't cut it for daylight use. Would 3000 lum each be overkill or still not enough?
  6. Planning a trip to Roatan is winter and rather than drag my full size housing and strobes I'm going the gopro route. Looking for recommendations on lights. I come from a commercial photography background and understand good lights can be pricy so the fact that the lights will cost more than the camera isn't an issue. I have been checking out light and motion offerings, as well as I torch and just read a little blurb about big blue. Can someone with hands on experience direct me to a decent setup with enough power to actually produce nice shots and video? Thanks in advance for any comments.
  7. sameguy

    Sola 4000

    Still available?
  8. Does anyone know if a Sea & Sea TLC adapter will work with an old Ikelite Substrobe 150 flash? here is a link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Aquatica-17760-TLC-2-Adapter-Post-for-Sea-Sea-Strobes-w-screw-9163-NEW-/400620467230?pt=US_Camera_Underwater_Housings&hash=item5d46d7341e
  9. Looking at Picking up an old Ikelite 100A for fill. Apparently it doesn't have a built in slave which is a drag but bang for the buck the power output for $50 is without question. really don't want to buy an Ike slave for $100+cable and all that bulk for a $50 strobe. Does anyone out there make a simple optical slave that will mate to the strobe? If not has anyone ever made one? Figure a socket cap drilled out with a standard optical slave and a gob of silicone would do the job, maybe not, lol.
  10. I've been out of the UW shooting world for a LONG time. I've got an old IKE Substrobe 150 that I used a lifetime ago with my Nikonos III and 5 when that was state of the art. I just picked up an Aquatica housing for my old 5D for a song, nice 8" port, macro, ext. rings etc. I can use my IKE manually which is fine, but I'd like to pick up another strobe for macro fill for a trip to Caymans next month. I was looking at an old Nikonos SB105 but I know that is old tech and really has no future and I hate wasting $, even though you can get one SUPER cheap these days. Inon, Sea and Sea, newer Ikelite gear is all foreign to me. Does anyone have suggestions for something I can use for slave strobe now and TTL in the future, or should I just grab an old strobe with slave capability and be happy saving a few $?
  11. Looking for Aquatica 18462 Port Extension Ring.
  12. Looking for an Aquatica macro port that will accommodate the Canon 100mm macro lens.
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