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  1. So damn sad to lose Bob!

    Johnny, I'm really glad you started this post. I know you and Bob were really close!

    He left me with so much knowledge and inspiration. Such an easily giving person with everything he has to offer. Such a great guy with the most amazingly salty sense of humor completely backed with care.

    One of my favorite three days ever lived, with you and Bob a few years back will be one of my greatest memories and learning experiences:

  2. Hello All,


    I would like to share this link to a video that I produced and edited showcasing RED's new Dragon sensor on it's first trip underwater back in Dec. All content was shot by myself, Justin Jones, Bob Cranston and Johnny Friday:




    I've been lurking on this forum for a bit but I would like to step into the light and offer up any help I may be able to provide as it pertains to RED cameras. I have been with RED since the beginning and I am personally invested in helping with RED's underwater progression...

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  3. Hello All,


    I've been with RED Digital Cinema (red.com) for the past 7 years and I would love to be a resource for any of you working or interested in working with RED cameras underwater. I f'ing love the ocean and love shooting pictures and filming. That's my happy place :)


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