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  1. Perfect set up for anyone interested in shooting a full frame camera underwater. This set up has been used and maintained by a professional photographer and scuba diving instructor. The ports will fit the Canon fisheye lens,a wide angle lens, a 24-70 standard lens, and the 100mm macro-lens. Every port you need to take stunning pictures underwater. You won’t be disappointed!
  2. I used the mode selector port on the top of my Ikelite housing to add the vacuum. I shoot manual so I knew I’d never need to change the mode underwater. It was easy to install and works perfectly.
  3. I have the R5 and just purchased the Ikelite housing for it. I have been shooting a 5D IV for a few years in an Ikelite housing so I can use all my current ports. I plan to use the EF 100 macro, EF 8-15 fisheye, and EF 16-35 wide angle. I will have to use the adapter, but I’m ok with that. Looking forward to getting it in the water.
  4. I have the Ikelite housing with 8" dome port for my 5D lV. I am using a Canon 16-35 F4L lens. I took it for it's first dive in Palau and found it to be very buoyant. I used a couple zip ties to add a two pound weight to the bottom of the housing. While it makes a heavy system even heavier when out of the water, it seemed to really help. I think three pounds might be perfect, but there was no three pound weight available. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. I have the 8" dome that I use with my 16-35 f4L lens. Absolutely love it. I don't have any experience with the compact dome. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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