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  1. I'm using a nikon 1 aw1 with the 11-27mm lens and setting the built in flash to manual 1/32 power to optically slave a sb105 for off camera flash . I'm after a budget second slave flash , sb105 strobes are about $250 , are there any newer quality options around the same price I should consider or my other thought is to dry bag a cheap land flash . My other thought is to increase the stock depth limit on the aw1 of 15 metres by also dry bagging it - if the bag does leak slightly the water should only slosh around harmlessly . A catostrophic flood would be a different matter . Any thoughts ?
  2. Hi , I have the v1 which is about the same as a d200 for image quality . The size is what makes it an appealing system for me as a supplementary family adventure camera rather than taking the d800 everywhere.. I have just purchased the aw1 which I have only snorkeled with so far using the sb105 as a slave strobe with reasonable results as a budget uw system for money outlaid . An uw version of the 6.7-13 mm lens would be a welcome addition . I don't think I would bother housing the v1 or newer versions such as the v3 ,for the cost I think the omd system would be a better bet. . The 10.5 dx lens using the ft1 adapter is no wider than the nikon 1 10-30 lens but has a lot of distortion from being a fisheye design .
  3. Hi , I've finally signed up after reading topics here for a long while. Away back in the dark ages I used to shoot a nikon f801 and f601 in subal housings which I still have with the 105 macro , 28-85 and finally the 14 mm sigma using sb102and105 strobes .nowadays I'm using a d800 with the trinity plus other lenses topside , a v1 as the family adventure camera and just got an aw1 for underwater . I have not been good enough for Santa to house the d800 and add all the ancillary gear needed . I haven't dived for a long while but have snorkelled with the aw1 using the sb105 as a slave . Regards Rob
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