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  1. Here's some pics... 20D housing front and back 5D housing front and back 20D camera, Dome & strobes
  2. Going to one underwater rig so I'm selling off excess gear. I'm on an overseas military base so all shipping must be USPS. No UPS or FedEx available. Aquatica 20D housing with dual Nikonos bulkheads in good condition Canon EOS 20D camera in excellent condition with battery/charger/acc. battery grip Housing only - $700/Housing & camera - $1000 Aquatica 5D housing with dual Nikonos bulkheads in excellent condition - $1000 will consider selling 5D camera body if that makes it any easier. Aquatica 8" dome port with shade and cover - $300 2 - Sea & Sea YS-110 strobes - $400 each 2 - 5 pin sync cords for strobes - $50 each
  3. Housing update: Once I got it back to shore, it got a fresh water soak for about 12 hours with the water getting changed several times. Then I took a toothbrush to it to remove the "marine growth" that had accumulated. That has pretty much made it look as good as it did the day it was lost. The anodes are even looking decent. The only problem was the sync cords were stuck in the bulkheads. I got one out fine but couldn't get the other one without breaking both the plug on the cord and the pins in the bulkhead. I took the camera in the water yesterday with a single strobe and everything is fine. I am going to replace all the seals anyway since the housing has seen a year and a half of heavy use. In the meantime, I bought a 5D right after the 20 got lost so I'm looking forward to getting that in the water as well. Wonder what housing I'll use?? Rob
  4. I first want to say that I do not work for Aquatica or any of their dealers. I am simply a very happy customer with a story. I live on Kwajalein Atoll where all of our diving is done from small boats so I lower my camera on a line down to 15 feet before making my entry and I re-attach it to the line at the safety stop before surfacing, hauling it up once I'm back on board and have taken my gear off. Back on Feb. 3, I became distracted and started driving away with my Canon 20D in its Aquatica A20 housing hanging 15 feet beneath the boat. I had traveled almost 1000 feet at over 20 mph before I realized I hadn't pulled the camera up. When I started to pull the line in I knew immediately the camera was gone. The snap hook holding the camera to the line managed to release itself. Due to the size and depth (90-140 feet) of the search area, it took 8 weeks to find the camera but when I picked it up after it had spent 2 months at 125 feet after being dragged behind a speeding boat, the camera was safe and dry inside the housing. Aside from having a little marine growth, the housing was completely intact. After a good cleaning, it now looks as good as it did the day it was lost. I would like to thank Blake and everyone at Aquatica for building a quality product, and while I'm sure I will never put it through this kind of test again, knowing it can survive is a good feeling. Thanks, Rob Clayton
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