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  1. Having at least 3 flooding issues with Ikelite, my answer is simple: NO!
  2. "Maybe I can just upsample in the meantime."
  3. That are imressive numbers. I can only wish I meet your time spent UW. I remember that terrible moment flooding my D70 through the badly designed ikelite 8" dome port (their fault) after 2 days of 13 day cruise and sweared I will only go with quality and durability stuff next time. Good to hear Subal is something you can rely on! It makes things much easier at the end of the day. Martin
  4. Some very nice photographs, Alex. I can imagine how long you were waiting and talking to the subject to make it pose for you This back and off lighting is interesting idea. I tried it already in the pool and will continue in sea on my next trip in Egypt. Martin
  5. Guys, thank you for comments. Here are some more pictures... Martin
  6. Steve, actualy this is an interesting question. Beside water quality, surface calmness the way of lighting surely plays a role here, but I think surface only reflects what there realy is. That said I am always focusing on what I see and play with the light to achieve the best lightning of subject itself. Once the model is lit nicely, it is a matter of composing and timing to get the right reflection effect. And matter of time spent in the pool, of course The way the model behaves in the water plays important role too! Martin
  7. I have just finished shooting in pool with a model. Beautiful girl, but beside her beauty her performance in the water was excelent. Post a comment... Thanks Martin
  8. Here is mine. Taken on North Male Atol - Maldives in september. Martin
  9. Pretty much similar to the conditions we had on our last trip in Indonesia. Terrible visibility. I can not say I liked it, but the images look different, as Jenny said moody. And finaly I enjoed shooting in this green soup. Here are some samples. Martin all with 10.5mm
  10. Thank you for coment, Larry. Actualy the visibility was rather worse. There were some exceptions on northern dive sites, but nothing exceptional. I was hunting for good light this time and use 10.5mm almost all the time. On the southern spots the visibility was very bad, so I was shooting mainly macro.
  11. Hi guys, I am glad you like the images. As we only had 4 days on Bali we kicked it full throttle! 5 dives a day. We dived Tulamben (wreck, drop off) Seraya and couple other dives along the northern coast mostly muck. I do not remember the names. This time 50% of the dives I took the 10.5mm FE lens. Sometimes I added kenko 1.4 TC. The rest was 105mm, but most of the time I wished to have both setups macro and wide angle UW with me I spent a lot of time shooting the jacks focusing on good balance between natural light and strobes. This was all done manualy and I guess I did not fire more than with 1/2 power at any of theese shots. I went down to f3.5-4 and 1/30. Martin Hi Scott, for this shot I used the 10.5mm and 2 DS-125 at 1/2 power. However I played a lot with the strobe positioning and finaly I ended with some very strange creature in my hands No filter for this shot. Martin
  12. After wonderful relaxed (5 dives/day ) stay on Bali we were ready for Komodo. Although the diving was great, wild and totaly different from Bali, the photographing was much more difficult. But I still could get some nice stuff... Let me know what you think. and the Flores/Komodo gallery Martin
  13. I am back from Indonesia and this time even more happy than last time. Great trip with a lot of good diving and plenty of interesting critters. Anyway, here are some images from the trip. Post some critisism and the whole gallery is at Bali 10/2007 gallery Martin
  14. Guys, thank you for your opinions, which helped me ultimately to make a dacesion. Seth Resnick really seemed to my a bit too much for my work. Anyway, in fact it was the resort itself, who payed for the trip already. The reason was an advertising article in diving magazine. Now I offered them to create an UW gallery and suply images for marketing collateral. I still do not know how many images will be selected, but in case the price for them will come up to a half of the potential cost of another trip (including diving, meals etc.), I will ask for it. Otherwise I would not stay in the resort for this money. Thank you Martin
  15. I do not know if I landed on right forum with my question: Very luxory resort I had some nice dive with asked me for creating 20-30 images UW gallery for website use, brochures and other advertisment colateral. Actualy this was the firstst time I would be making such a work. I would apreciate any advise in terms of price I should ask for. An offer will be based on 20-30 images sold non-exclusively for unlimited use (webgallery, advertisement, flyers...). All images shot with D200. What should I ask for? Please advice. Thank you
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