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  1. Hi all, Just sharing the latest video I managed to edit. Taken in Tulamben on a one day dive with a few office colleagues, covering the USS Liberty Shipwreck, Emerald, and the Tulamben Drop-off. All were taken by using Sony RX100M2 in Nauticam, URPRO CY Filter 67mm thread, and FIT UWL07 wide angle wet lens. Edited by using Adobe Premiere CS6. Comments and suggestions are very welcomed Cheers, Hafidz
  2. Many thanks Peter for the insights Peter gonna hang on to your thoughts for the next video I started doing this underwater video stuff with almost to zero knowledge about it, including editing them. I agree about the color correction, tried to remember what colors I actually saw when diving, it's quite frustrating after a while you try do color correction, but I will be sure to develop my skill on post production. I also agree about the story line, at first I wanted to put the sound on when the person is talking. I am still learning about sound editing in a bit more complicated level, so I chose not to put the sound on and put a song instead. Kinda bit afraid to spoil the fun while watching the video. Again, many thanks for the insights Peter Cheers and regards, Hafidz
  3. Hi all, Just joined wetpixel forum. Been interested in underwater videos since last year. This is the latest video taken from my latest trip to Padang Bai & Tulamben, Bali - Indonesia. Taken with Sony RX100 MkII in Nauticam NA-RX100II housing, subsee +10 diopter, FIT UWL07, UR/PRO CY filter and a couple of video lights. Posted the video in youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2MEn2KC8Uk Comments and critics are very welcome. Thanks, Hafidz
  4. Hi, I'm Hafidz. From Indonesia. Just started to dive since 2012 and have been in love with the ocean since then. Loves to make underwater videos every time I went on a trip.
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