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  1. Looking to sell some of my unused gear. **$50.00 or best offer**Nikon MBD100 battery grip. Great condition, comes in original box with AA cassette and manual. If you have an old D100 you're using for remotes or timelapse, but need the extra battery power, this would do the trick. **$550.00 firm** Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 for nikon DX - Excellent overall condition, works as new, comes in original box with instructions, front and rear caps. Excellent condition glass, minor cosmetic surface wear on softer plastic surfaces of barrel. Hood itself sits, but not as tightly as I would like -- seems to be a design issue as i've always felt this way about the hood. I'd keep it, but i shoot mostly full frame now. **$100.00 or best offer** Ikelite 100a substrobe -- high-powered, old-school underwater strobe, scratches on plastic exterior, but still works perfectly. Will throw in sync chord at full price. **$200.00 or best offer** Ikelite DS50 substrobe (predecessor of current DS51) some minor cosmetic wear, works as it should. Will throw in snych chord at full price. **$100 or best offer** Ikelite TTL Slave - bought with DS50, works as it should. **make me an offer** Nikon 50mm 1.8 Series E -- sold as is -- a bit of internal dust/particles, seems to work fine, but I don't find it sharp enough wide open for my purposes and I have an AF-D model. If you buy something else, i'll throw it in for $15.00. Assorted Ikelite sync chords and strobe arms avail. (I have a couple of the standard assemblies, as well as one ball and socket arm) email for pictures and to negotiate price if interested. Email me at karsten_AT_karstenmoran_DOT_com (do not message me via wetpixel) for photos or more info. I also have a mess of Fuji Gx680 gear, some of which i don't use currently. If you're looking for something, shoot me a line. US BUYERS ONLY -- SHIPPING WILL BE USPS INSURED AND CERTIFIED -- PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL
  2. I'm looking to sell my Nikon D300s camera. It's less than a year old It's in excellent condition. There are no nicks/scratches to speak of. It has 13,086 clicks. It will be shipped in its original box with all original accessories (manual and disks have never been unwrapped.) I'm asking $1250, including shipping. You can take a look at the actual camera at the following link: http://karstenmoran.photoshelter.com/galle...0000HIGPYmqA4y0
  3. I also have - a 100a substrobe (orange) - strobe has a couple scuffs, but works as it did when purchased. - additional strobe arm parts (Ikelite)
  4. For Sale: 1. Ikelite D100 Housing (Ver. 1) 2. Ikelite DS50 substrobe (new model sells for over $500 with arm) 3. Flat Port # 5502.41 4. Strobe arm comprised of components (Fx2, G, E, A) 5. Ikelite TTL slave 6. 55mm diopter kit (+1,2,4) 7. Underwater Kinetics Tundra Case The housing and flat port were purchased used from two separate individuals in 2007. They are both in very good condition. Each comes with an o-ring (a spare is available for the housing). The housing is the first version of the d100 housing -- it's slightly bigger and there is a bit more room inside than the newer molded ones. I'm not sure if it would be able to fit other cameras in there, i haven't tried. The DS substrobe and TTL slave were purchased new in 2004. They have seen limited use and are in good condition and work as they should. See here for item: http://www.ikelite.com/strobes/ds50stdpkg.jpg The diopters are practically new and were used on only a few occasions. The arm was purchased in 2001 from B&H. It is in good decent condition and functions perfectly. Details here: http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/arm_comps.html. The tundra case is green and it's ugly. But it does the trick. Please make me an offer for the lot (email me at karstenmoran_at_gmail.com) -- i might be willing to split it up for the right rate.
  5. Wow, what great images all around! Here's something a bit different. This is a split image view of a salt marsh in Three Mile Harbor. Long Island, NY. The image was taken earlier this summer with a Nikon D100 and sigma 24mm 1.8 lens housed in an Ikelite Housing (Thanks again Glen). f6.3 1/160sec. Converted from RAW in Adobe Lightroom. Image is copyright Karsten Moran. www.karstenmoran.com
  6. Bah Humbug, The last three things I bought off ebay cost me time and money. Although I had decent luck prior, i'm beginning to doubt it's really worth it. First of 3 items was defective, but I didn't find out after I had been using it for a few weeks. When I sent it back to the manufacturer for repair they had to replace a bunch of internal parts that were the wrong spec., but after it still didn't work I ended up forking over the replacement cost. Second item was just unlucky. The seller was reliable and honest, but the item was damaged by Fedex. It (a lens) is currently sitting with nps waiting Fedex to clear the estimate. I don't think I'll be seeing it any time soon and it's already been two weeks. Third item was the worst. The shipper took over a full week to send the item. Then, against my explicit instructions they sent the item UPS to my PO Box instead of either UPS to my home address, or USPS to my PO Box. By the time it arrived, I had moved and will have to drive back to pick it up.
  7. Great thread - I thought i'd throw in my $0.02. I am unfamiliar with diving industry publications, but I think the most transparent thing, as to the rates you can expect from a publication, are its advertising rates. Portfolio magazine, or GQ, which run mass quantities of glossy mags catering to high-powered markets, charge an arm and a leg for advertising, and accordingly, pay quite a bit for photos. In the same vein, smaller magazines catering to business people, even those without gargantuan print runs generally pay quite well. For what you're describing - a nonprofit, or for profit org issuing a trade publication, you would expect certainly less than (in line with what you got). I've found that software programs such as photoquote are good for determining a starting point - and are illuminating in understanding how pricing works. You can also tool around on ipn-stock's website with their built in calculators. When it comes down to it, however, pricing is an art and most publications will pay more for an image they want and can't get anywhere else, no matter what their standard rate is. That said, a budget is the end all. My advice, if you're ever in this situation and completely flustered, is to ask them outright "what kind of a budget they're working with." An editor, or photo buyer, puts a premium on getting things done quickly and they might just give you a price you're happy with right off the bat. That said, you never have to accept the offer. And CONGRATS on the double page spread!!!
  8. Good question, i too would be interested to know if it's possible to search exif/metadata. I've only run into this once personally - weirdest thing, a photo.net member had uploaded one of my images as their own. Couldn't for the life of me figure out why. Raised a real stink about it when the moderators contacted him.
  9. Great article in the New York times at the moment - touching precisely on this topic. It comes to an interesting conclusion and puts forth some great points. Read to the end, it's well worth it. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/08/weekinre...amp;oref=slogin
  10. "Aquarium industry" (read: personal fish tanks) aside, a well run public aquarium, such as the Scripps, Monetery and Chatanooga in the States are important, not only in the educational services they provide to the public, but also in their roles as research centers. It's what's behind the scenes (and often far away from the actual public aquarium itself) that I'd give the above mentioned aquariums 'kudo's' for. Scripps and Montery (and other aquariums like them) play an essential part in understanding, tracking, and treating symptoms of environmental degradation - in gaining an understanding of reef and pelagic fishes; how they reproduce and feed, and interact with other fish and their environment.
  11. I think you'll find that they won't accept 32-bit files. 16bit files must be circa 5300x3500mb to meet submission guidelines = 50mb. now, not to drag us back into a tangent, but quck comments: The logic behind the 50mb requirement, as I understand it, is as a quality control guideline. Think about it from a photo buyers and agents perspective. If you were an agency attempting to get images from photographers and needed a fast way to move a tremendous volume of images through quality control, a strict set of guidelines would be the best way. It might just be a size (file size) requirement, and it is counterintuitive, but frankly setting such a guideline is the best way to regulate quality. If all images are about 50mb 300dpi (just a standard) 16bit, you can open up any image, view it at 100%, and know pretty much immediately whether it is of high enough quality. That is a bar that the industry sets. And frankly, an image might look great at native output, but how will it hold up when you blow it up to xxx size? The buyer needs to know what he or she is getting and won't tolerate images of varying sizes. Remember, it's all about standards. A standard has to be somewhere, whether for editing, or output. 50mb is simply a representation of a quality standard in a method easily translated to both buyers and photographers. Finally, regarding some of the prior comments, in my experience most agency personell are better versed in digital media than most of the photographers they represent. As a photographer, I appreciate this and what the agent does: sell my images.
  12. Yeah, I got three counterfeit money orders from someone supposedly in the UK via California for a lens not long ago. I lost a real sale waiting for the clown .
  13. Any thoughts on doing this with an Ikelite f100 housing? Big clear rig... with a clear back... cheers, Karsten
  14. 5 stars for the Tulamben site. The sand eels and wreck are alot of fun. There is a slovenian dive operator across the highway, away from the water, that is well-equiped and can take you anywhere you like along the north shore, Tulamben, Ahmed, and further west including menjangan island. Mimpi is also a nice stay - both at tulamben, and menjangan.
  15. Thanks for the input guys! Ziek bekijk spoedig het. Very helpful!
  16. Silly little question... I searched the forums, but couldn't find an answer so I thought I would ask: I used to own an Ikelite housing for my N70, which I loved very dearly, but since moving over to digital, I am housing-less. Not only that, but I am also quite poor and cannot afford a digital SLR housing. So, to the question: assuming I don't need access to any controls aside from the shutter release, will my D100 fit into any film camera housings? Aquatica N90 housing is reportedly similar? thanks, Karsten P.S. otherwise, will do graphic design work for camera equipment.
  17. Hey, I am selling my 100-300mm f4 EX HSM Sigma lens (nikon mount). Great topside lens. fast AF, well built, great condition lens (just serviced). Has been mostly in a closet for the last year. Email me for more info/pics. Great for landscapes & sports... nice bokeh
  18. I'm two steps out of college, but I would love to be a part of this.
  19. I have a Nikon D1H for sale, 5 batteries, software, charger, caps and straps.
  20. I happen to have two Nikon D100's for sale. One is in Tasmania, and one is in Maine, USA. D100 in Tasmania includes camera, caps, straps, software, 512 High Speed CF Card Ultra, 2x batteries, and charger. Price Negotiable. Send me an email if you're interested. Both cameras are in excellent condition. -Karsten
  21. My first post at wetpixel... I have to mention Karen Gowlett-Homes She is an exceptional photographer who documents some of the most interesting and rare creatures on earth in the frigid waters of tasmania.
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