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  1. Where are you needing them? I think 1 in Luxor and I think the other is in Aswan, but these guys are just private vehicles to takes us to local sights. I'll get some info from my friend and PM you if you want, but I think you need a bigger service with all those people. He did say that the best way is to get drivers is from the concierge where you're staying. If you're looking to get between the port and Luxor or Aswan, these guys won't do that. Thats why I was trying to find out if anyone had experience with buses or trains systems.
  2. Thanks. We've found a couple of limo services that friends have used. i also saw domestic flights for trips from Cairo to Luxor or Aswan, but i'm looking for experiences. TimG theres also a long thread in the travel section about airlines cracking down on weight for luggage including carry-on, but I haven't run into that. YET!
  3. We're heading to southern Egypt (Marsa Alam) next year. We are flying into Cairo first for a day or two and then down to the liveaboard, after which we plan on doing some land touring before heading home. I think flying to Marsa Alam makes sense, but it looks like Egypt air allows only 1 bag and 1 carry-on of 20lbs, is that right? My camera weighs way more than that. Also has anyone used buses or their train system to get around? I'm thinking between Marsa Alam and Aswan or Luxor. TIA
  4. it did. my nauticam trigger has a bottom that unlocks it from the shoe.
  5. Has anyone had a problem removing the trigger hot shoe connection? this is my first time removing it and it seems stuck. i'm afraid to put too much pressure on it. TIA
  6. Thanks. I use it rarely, but I've found that having it in TTL when I'm hunting for subjects sometimes a fish will dart by and I might get a brief window to get a shot off.
  7. Thank you Barmaglot, this is very helpful. So for TTL I would use Fill-Flash setting? and Wireless Flash for manual. I'm guessing I should set the wireless flash to a back button. Thanks again
  8. Yes, we've had some email exchanges in the past and I see he's often commenting here. actually he did a video in an earlier post for someone with an A7 i think. it was quite helpful to me too. The manual just has so many options and many I'm not familar with what they mean and whether they would be helpful with my setup. Thanks TimG for the reply
  9. Mine is a Sony A6600 in Nauticam housing. Carried over my YSD1"s and 2"s and arms from my last rig. I got the A6600 because I wanted to be able to use my wet lenses. My big beef with the larger rigs is that you have to make a decision on what your going to shoot before you go under. This way I can still shoot macro and wide angle on the same dive. I haven't been under water yet, I was waiting on a UWT flash trigger which just showed up. so I'll get wet soon.
  10. Hi all. I didn't see anything recent, so I thought I'd start a new thread. I have a Sony a6600 in a Nauticam housing and YS-D1strobes. I purchased and am installing a UWT flash trigger using fiber optics for the housing and wonder if anyone has a Sony setup that wouldn't mind sharing their settings. I think I have it setup, but a few things in the directions confused me a bit. What flash setting do you use? What is "Wireless flash" setting and when do you setup the strobes in slave mode? Thanks again
  11. Hi all TIA for the welcome. I'm not actually new to this site, I've been lurking in the shadows sponging information for about 6 years I think. A special thanks to Interceptor for his opinions on the Sony RX100 systems. Thats what I've been using for a number of years. I've now retired, live in southwest Florida and have moved up to a Sony A6600 system.
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