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  1. Just a kind note to say that it sure would be nice if there was some way to see that you were sign in on the opening page upon doing so. Unless I'm doing it wrong, after signing in, the option/Sign Out bar doesn't appear until you enter a forum page. No, its not a huge deal but most all other sites show some sign of having done so as a constant while navigating the site.
  2. For Sale: A Canon DC34 Camera housing for a Canon G12 (although I see where others are stating it fits a Canon G11 also...???) in good condition. Includes two diffusers, as well as a FIX wide Air Lens (DC-28) with Backscatter cover and box. The housing is mounted on and includes a SEA&SEA platform with Ultralight adapters. There is also a bag of misc. velcro and flash receivers to configure whatever flash set up you want. I typically don't like selling anything on-line, especially an item that requires some degree of experience to operate properly to prevent it from leaking but this housing works perfect! I've been using it for several years without incident. I'm only asking $250 plus shipping for all. Feel free to contact me at charlie@visionquestranch for more information if needed or interested.
  3. Hey GT67, Our server had some issues receiving emails through Wetpixel so if you send and don't hear right back from me, please feel free to call me at (831)809-2919 or send me a number and/or email I can contact you at and I will do so immediately. I look forward to hearing from you.
  4. How about $900.00 for all or $700.00 without the camera. Im not trying to beat you up, it's just all I have to play with to accomplish my task at hand as I have a deal on a friends back-up G12camera for $250.00 that I could forego. Thanks for your patience.
  5. Would you consider selling just the housing??? I literally just posted a post asking for such.
  6. I am very much interested in buying a Fisheye FIX G12 Camera Housing, preferably with the deeper depth rating but regardless, I don't need anything other than the housing. I have the cameras, extra lenses, I simply would like to have a back-up housing that's identical to the one I have. So if anyone has or would consider selling one or was thinking about an upgrade, I am a very serious and interested party. Please feel free to contact me at charlie@visionquestranch.com
  7. My name is Charlie Sammut, I live in Monterey California, USA where of course the great majority of my diving is in cold water. I've been diving since 1983 and am currently certified as a NAUI Dive Master/Rescue Diver and PADI and IANTD Tech Diver. In that time, I've played with photography on and off but play with it now more than ever. I am a professional wild animal trainer by trade therefore my true love and interest in the water is sharks although I've spent my fair share of days filming and photographing my fair share of smaller animals also. The majority of my diving is done in Florida, N.&S. Carolina, Monterey, Hawaii and Cozumel but I do my best to visit new places when life and $$$ allow. I was brought to Wetpixel in the hope of finding someone wishing or willing to sell a Fisheye FIX G12 camera housing ~ that quest continues. If anyone is interested, I am very ready. All I need is the housing. I hope Wetpixel will be the avenue to help me achieve that wish.
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