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  1. I have a set of Inon Z240 type 4s with finer optic cables, ball end adapters, snoots and 2x float arms (160mm long by 90mm diameter). Al in decent condition and working perfectly. The strobes also have XL control knob adapters. Asking 750 USD + POSTAGE for the lot! Location - AUSTRALIA See photos and videos in the following link https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1W9FgFczQwrapbvysM-JExLXZ4lvV-nB- Thanks
  2. Used condition.. optical and functional perfect... Few marks on the anodised body as per pictures . $600USD ($780AUD) + POSTAGE Located in Australia
  3. I just totalled up what this would all cost to replace new today Nauticam housing with vacuum system and 6inch dome port and focus/zoom gear - 5377AUD GH4 body only- 1500AUD Panasonic 7-14mm - 990 DNC-5 monitor - 3000 Archon w42 lights - 1150 TOTAL - 12 017 Australian dollars This is online prices from the cheapest online stores. It also doesnt include extra's such as the batteries for the lights, Spares for the housing, hdmi cable for the monitor, inon arms and clamps and servicing and replacement of orings on the lights when first bought, and hardcase.. Probably another 500 dollars worth.
  4. Hi. I am in Perth... I bought these as an upgrade too my 550d and ikelite housing after a trip doing work with discovery. I basically have not had the time to use them. I work in the subsea and marine fields, but as a Remotely operated vehicle pilot and technician... So end up stuck sitting on deck taking video remotely. So basically I never got much of a chance to use it and just cant afford to have such a great setup sitting there doing nothing. Its an honest sale... and the gear is in excellent condition... The Housing, Monitor and body/lens have been on two dives only! The lights and Inon arms have probably been on 5 or so dives.. So have more use but not much more. As i said i work on submersible equipment that is rated to depths of up to 3500meters, so i have taken good care of the equipment. I also disassembled the lights when i bought them and replaced a few orings with better quality ones from work and pressure tested them to 100 meters. I have used the lights on a dive with a friend who uses Sola 4000 lights and even he was suprised that the archons were at least as bright or brighter. Includes a good quality hardcase... (Cheaper version of a Pelican case)
  5. 2x archon lights - 800 aus dollars Dnc-5 monitor - 2300 aus dollars Was hoping not to seperate so not really going to go very low on individual bits.. but anyone feel free to PM me with offers
  6. Selling my Panasonic GH4 with Nauticam Housing. The set up has had minimal use, under a year old and probably spent less then 3 hours total in the water. The camera and housing present as new and have been meticulously maintained. All original manuals and accessories present. The camera and lens still have the original packaging. Equipment included: - Panasonic GH4 body. Bought 04/2015. Basically brand new, no marks or scratches hardly used. With all original accessories and in original packaging. - Panasonic 7-14 lens. Bouhgt 04/2015. In original packaging. Basically brand new. Excellent condition. - Nauticam 6 inch dome port with cover and zoom and focus for panasonic 7-14mm. Excellent condition. - Nauticam housing with vacuum port and leak alarm system. Excellent condition. - Dive and sea DNC 5 inch monitor HDMI. Excellent condition. - 2x INON strobe arms. A little bit of wear from normal use. I had these from my previous set up. - 2x archon w42vr lights. 5200 lumens each.. excellent lights! Also have a red mode blue light and UV light. Excellent but used condition. Includes travel cases, and batterys/ chargers. - Nightsea UV mask cover and lens cover for UV night shots! Awesome fun night diving with this set up. This gear is all in as new condition and is the perfect buy for anyone looking for a new predominantly video set up. easily over 10000 dollars worth of equipment. Looking to sell it all together for 6500 Australian dollars plus postage. I will put photos up in the next few days. Thanks
  7. is the gh4 housing still available? is it with handles etc?
  8. still looking for a gh4 housing!
  9. Awesome!! Will shoot him an email... Thanks:)
  10. looking for a GH4 and housing or just the housing? either one!
  11. Cheers rasul. I got the Archon w42vr in the mail finally and have done one dive with them. First impression.. Excellent Bright lights! Stripped them down too check all possible water ingress places and all looked good. O-rings are better quality then other Chinese made dive lights I have used. I often find this the problem with cheap stuff.. Bad quality o-rings. Only took them down to about 12 meters or so, but they preformed well, even on a shallow well lit dive. Going to get them wet this weekend and will get some video to show how bright they are. A friend has a sola 4000 and these honestly seem at least as bright as it. Hard to tell properly as I haven't used them at night yet.
  12. Just ordered the w42vr from China. Will put a review up once I get them! Fingers crossed they are close to their claimed 5200lumens! Archondivinglights.com.au.. Were asking double the price for the w40vr so I went with ordering in from China. Could not bring myself to accept the insane mark up.
  13. cheers eetbrr... I think I will buy some and see how they go
  14. Just wondering if anyone has tried the archon video lights? either the d34vr or w40vr or similar? are they as bright as claimed? etc. Thinking about biting the bullet getting a w40vr and trying it out and doing a review.
  15. still looking! anything out there?
  16. Sure is an ikelite tray!! Oopps.. Sorry, will not separate yet.. Open to offers
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