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  1. Thanks for all the views, this item has been sold. klrbee--
  2. Brand new, never wet, Aquatica D800 housing with dual N5 bulkheads, built in moisture detector with Xit404 Housing Cover. New USD$3585, selling for $3180.00 including shipping anywhere in US or Canada. Only selling due to an equipment switch. Also have Aquatica 18471 S&S to Aquatica Port Adapter, 104 new, $90 Payment by certified cheque or money order only. Interested parties contact me at: KLRB@earthlink.net Please write "housing" in subjectline so I done miss your email. thanks!! klrbee--
  3. well, well, well.......all I can say (or add) is that I am a GIRL and I've been on the SHEARWATER 5 times and I've LOVED it each and every time. I can't wait to go again. Each time I have been totally comfortable on that boat and don't find any of it a problem. The boat has always been clean, with good food and enough space for me and my gear. I especially enjoy the fact that most of the time the boat is filled with men : ) hey that works for me!! I think maybe people's "bad" experiences revolve around their level of expectations. I have learned over the years to keep my dive travel expectations in check and that way I won't ever be disappointed and most times I'm pleasantly surprised with a better than expected experience. True, the SHEARWATER isn't for everyone.....and thank God, cause that leaves more booking space for the rest of us that enjoy Jimmy's unique adventures, an experience that you'll get nowhere else in the world!! There are plenty of boats out there with warm towels and chocolates on the pillows and people who want that should go enjoy that. All I can say is that I'd rather spend my money to get the best possible dive/photo experience I can before I leave this planet......I can get warm towels and chocolate at home. thanks for all the priceless adventures Jimmy!!!! xoxoxox
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