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  1. Despite being stuck on land for 3days during the 2nd week due to Ernesto, Nana and I still had an awesome trip smile.png


    It was the 1st time she had seen whale sharks before - her expressions were priceless on the 1st day when the boat was surrounded by a few of them feeding.


    Below is a quick timelapse of one of the many drives we took around the island during one of our land days.



  2. Hi all - we've been land locked today due to 'choppy' seas so here are a few images from the 1st day.


    One of the many spotty fish here feeding on bonito eggs:



    Nana shooting a self portrait of herself and her spotty friend:



    Nana and another one of her spotty friends:




  3. I hope new housings make accommodations for easy use of the left door and bulkhead access for HDMI output and USB. May make the housings a little larger, but well worth it for me.


    Jeff - have you tried the D800 in your Subal D700 housing? Just wondering if it physically fits and what buttons need to be modified / lose functionality.

  4. Hi all


    It was my 1st time diving in the Eastern Fields and infamous sites such as "Carl's Ultimate". I've been hearing amazing things about that site for so long, it was great to finally be able to dive it...and yes, it is an AMAZING site!!! Being surrounded by fish and watching them run along the channels between coral patches in virtually single file was mesmerizing :(


    My underwater pics are here - http://bit.ly/xtRM0D


    Below are a few favourites...


    Redfin anthias (Pseudanthias dispar) and thousands other reef fish swarm over the healthy corals | Carl's Ultimate



    Healthy soft corals with a school of fusilier damsel (Lepidozygus tapeinosoma) above | Carl's Ultimate



    A very inquisitive red snapper (Lutjanus bohar) | Carl's Ultimate



    A lone golden damsel (Amblyglyphidodon aureu) swims over a field of Christmas tree worms (Spirobranchus giganteus) | Tokyo Express



    Colourful crinoids | Jellybean Corners



    P-47 Thunderbolt wreck | P-47 | Port Moresby



    And as you can see from the slideshow, we had a great group! It's always good to see old friends and to make new friends :(

  5. Im heading to Thailand soon and would love to get some shots of the swimming elephants in Andaman i was wondering if anyone had any experience here and can recommend and tours or how they did it?


    I'm not sure if there are any liveaboards that operate out of Thailand to the Andaman/Nicobar Islands anymore due to the distance. However, there is a nice Thai liveaboard called "Panunee" that runs trips in/out of Port Blair (India) - http://www.panunee.com/trip&price2_1.html


    I'm pretty sure they dive with Rajan the elephant.

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