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  1. Loftus - do you use the 16mm with or without the Nikon supplied filters at the back of the lens? I remember reading something before about not using the filter but cannot find anything...
  2. very nice portfolio Mike!
  3. Todd - love the teaser shots! Want to see more too!!
  4. I drove from MIA to WPB last time too - easy drive Picking up the car at MIA was a bit of a mission though... and allow yourself plenty of time too as the car rental counters get pretty busy.
  5. Hi Keri I also have a pic of a Thresher shark. I've sent you an email. Let me know if it's of interest. Cheers Col.
  6. Cal - the B&W shot in the bath is superb! Love the atmosphere! Looking forward to more.
  7. I used the small Zen dome on a couple of dives in Lembeh together with Seaflash 150's (similar size to ike DS-125/160) and found it quite difficult sometimes to get them close enough to the dome. I didn't have any issues with the strobe flaring into the dome. Can imagine smaller strobes (e.g. Inon Z240) being much easier to position. Maybe the 'baby' Inons (S2000) are sufficient...
  8. #2 looks great! how did you take the shot?
  9. nice - I'll make sure I get a few dives in at Palm Beach next time I'm on the Shearwater
  10. Ryan - care to explain the frankentripod? Eric - you gotta feel for the poor Lembeh critters after seeing your mega critter from hell
  11. I've been sitting at my desk all morning but my mind is elsewhere - it's still in Lembeh! I'm trying to resist the urge to look under every nook and cranny looking for desk based critters! OK maybe those critters would be a bit worrying! The night safari was an awesome trip with an 'interesting' dive schedule when we were in full 'night' mode... 1000 Brekkie 1400 Lunch 1730 Dive #1 2030 Dive #2 2230 Dinner 0000 Dive #3 There were lots of snacks and sleeps in between so it was more like food, sleep, food, sleep, dive, food, dive, food, dive, food, sleep Here are a few images - I'll post a link to the rest later once they're online. pregnant blue ring octopus hairy frogfish juvenile cuttlefish whip coral goby juvenile puffer fish zebra crab commensal shrimp on a (huge) sea star
  12. Congrats to all the winners! ps. looking forward to the 2011 comp - although iDive Pike may be a bit tricky
  13. I opted for a custom trilaminate drysuit from DUI (TLS 350) last year and couldn't be happier with it. It's been in waters from 5degC to 28degC! My choice of DUI was due to reputation and availability (not a lot of choice to see/try drysuits here in Asia). If you can, I suggest you see/try on as many different brands you can to see which one suits you the most. They're a big investment so get one that fits.
  14. Fantastic images! Another destination added to the ever growing list!
  15. great images! - would love to get out there for the 2011 workshop...
  16. looks pretty neat and compact but the price is OUCH!!! It would be very interesting to see how it compares to the homemade-ring flashes around...
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