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  1. thanks for the comments guys... laz217: From what I understand, the Jawfish give birth 1-2 days after full moon and before sunrise - the 5am jump in the water was worth it as we had action both both days. The best thing is that they're not shy when they're ready to hatch - their minds are obviously preoccupied with something else I'm not sure what the birthing cycle of the Denise is as we saw it twice over 4days - agree that would be something really special! Alex: The Jawfish were pretty much everywhere - although the guides did a good job of marking out roughly which ones were most likely to show-all. Same with the Sailfin - credit goes to the guides.
  2. #5 Black sailfin goby #6 Baby green turtle
  3. Hi all A few pics from a trip last week to Derawan, Sangalaki, Maratua and Kakaban, Indonesia. The trip was superb - highlight being watching Jawfish hatching and releasing baby turtles into the sea. Unfortunately, the Mantas at Sangalaki were hiding for most of the week... The rest of the pics are here - http://colinlee.zenfolio.com/p202605896 #1 Jawfish hatching #2 flatworm #3 Blue ribbon eel #4 Green algae Enjoy! Col.
  4. Barry / Alex Many thanks for all your help - all is well now Keywording is so much easier now! Cheers!
  5. Q for all LR (v2.3) users... Not sure if this a LR quirk or (more likely) a user quirk Once I have found my keyword, I have to manually select the full hierarchy (i.e. click each keyword one-by-one) instead of selecting the full hierarchy using the shift key - is there a better way I can do this like you can in Aperture? For example - searching for "lemon sharks"... If I select all using the shift key, LR will also add "bony fishes" to the keywords which I do not want. As such, my only work around is to click each keyword manually. Is this a LR thing? Appreciate any help
  6. Fantastic 17" printer still looking for a new home... Price reduced to USD 800 (+shipping). Email me at clee@cuel.co.th for more info.
  7. Hi Bruce I've got a used one sitting here in Bangkok that starting to gather dust. Email me at clee@cuel.co.th if you're interested. Cheers Col.
  8. Hi all Up for grabs is an Epson SP3850 printer (note: 3850 is the model name in Asia, it is called the 3800 elsewhere). - Print up to 17" wide - Excellent condition - Lightly used - Inkset ~50% remaining - Inc NEW maintenance tank The printer is located in Bangkok, Thailand. Price: USD 900 + shipping (I'm happy to deliver the printer to major cities within Thailand / Hong Kong / Singapore / Indonesia / Cambodia / Vietnam). Cheers Col.
  9. You can also try ScubaCam (Singapore) - www.scubacam.com.sg
  10. ...really want to get the D300 underwater so will sell the D70s package for USD 3,000 (+shipping)!!!
  11. All - thanks for your input so far... Alex - think you may have started something big here...I always assumed there was no question about their capability for WA. I would be very interested in hearing any thoughts that may question this...
  12. Price reduced to USD 3,250 (+ shipping)...
  13. Hi all I'm selling my complete Nexus D70s set-up, this includes: - Nexus D70s housing (Multi-finder version with AE/AF control modification and moisture alarm) - Nikon D70s camera (body only) - 160mm Dome port (glass) - Macro multi-port for 60mm (non- AF-S) and 105mm (non-VR) - 30mm and 40mm ext rings (for 12-24mm f/4 and 17-235mm f/2.8) - Zoom gears / focus gears for 12-24mm f/4, 17-35mm f/2.8 and 105mm (non-VR) - Port ring for focus light The housing etc is in excellent condition with signs of minor wear and tear. The items are located in Bangkok, Thailand. Cost for everything = USD 3,500 (+ shipping) Will separate items if preferred. Feel free to email me at clee@cuel.co.th for further info/photos. Cheers Col.
  14. Hi I'm still looking to upgrade my YS-90's to YS-250's (or ike DS-125's), primarily for better WA coverage/power. However I shoot a lot of macro so the new strobes would need to be good for that too. Are the YS-250's too big for macro - i.e. is their bulk a hindrance when trying to get into some tight spots for macro? Appreciate any feedback from people that have tried and tested the YS-250's for macro... Cheers Col.
  15. Hi Subnovix I'm just about to put my Nexus D70s system up for sale inc ports/ext rings for Nikon 60mm f/2.8 (non-AF-S), 105mm f/2.8 (non-VR), 12-24mm f/4, 17-35mm f/2.8 and 10.5mm FE. PM or email me at clee@cuel.co.th if you are interested. Cheers Col
  16. Hi Been using the YS-90's since I started shotting u/w and am now looking to upgrade to either the DS-125's or YS-250's. Looking for more power for WA and also a faster recycle time... Now the YS-250's have been out for a while - how are people finding them? Anyone switched from the DS-125's to the YS-250's or vice versa? And why? Is the light from the DS-125's much warmer than the YS-250's? Many thanks for any input. Cheers Col.
  17. I can second the recommendations for: - Yuzo (info@naturephoto.co.jp) in Japan (Nexus and Sea&Sea housings) - ScubaCam (speak to Sanah or David - info@scubacam.com.sg) in Singapore (Seacam, Aquatica and Ikelite housings) - Sea&Sea (speak to Andrew Yeo - seansea@pacific.net.sg) in Singapore Let them know Colin introduced you. ps. I'm based in Bangkok too so PM me if you need any further info.
  18. We dived Wakatobi last Nov and had an awesome time. We were on the Pelagian and it's an awesome liveaboard! The crew were superb, the food was 5* and guides were enthusiastic, excellent and great at spotting things the divers wanted to see. The whole operation was really slick and from what we saw of the resort (last night dinner/drinks only) it looked pretty nice. food at the resort was good, hot and plentiful. Only disappointment was not being able to dive the house reef Diving Wakatobi is thoroughly recommended. The Pelagian gets a big thumbs up too!! ps. From what I understand, the charter flight from Bali is now an additional cost item (i.e. NOT included in the base price).
  19. Am thinking of getting some of the STIX arms - any more feedback? Any idea if there is a black version now? Cor - any feedback on the new stuff you've been sent to experiment with?
  20. My wife and I might drop in - keen to check out the dive scene here as we've just moved over from Jakarta. Will be at ADEX prob on Sun in between house hunting duties.
  21. Thanks for the input guys - sounds like getting an eSATA is the way to go over FW800. Incidentally, what's the diff between SATA II and eSATA? Will actually be in S'pore for a few days soon Anything I should really look for when getting a eSATA enclosure/drive and card? How compatible are they with a PB and will I be able to use with a MacPro when we upgrade???
  22. Hi all After some advice before we invest $$$... Currently we capture HD footage from a Sony A1 onto a Mac PB using FCE HD. FCE HD is launched from the PB and the footage is catured and stored on an 250Gb FW800 external HD that is getting full. As such we're considering buying a larger (1Tb) external HD to replace the 250Gb. Am looking at the LaCie Big Disk Extreme and the Maxtor One Touch III Turbo Ed - both have RAID 0 capability. Qs: 1. Is RAID 0 the way forward for faster HD footage capturing? 2. Is it safe to store the footage on a RAID 0 HD or better to use only as a scratch disk? 3. Is it worthwhile/beneficial to launch FCE HD from the external HD or better to keep as is on the the PB? 4. Is 1Tb enough / overkill? 5. Any other suggestions for a fast (non-network) method of caturing HD footage? Thanks for your input. Col.
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