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  1. Hi Can someone help me ID this nudi? - assuming it is a nudi My friend found it a few weeks before I dived at the same site in Puri Jati, Bali. It's appears to be living on a fern. There were quite a few of them inc some really really small ones (juveniles???) - bearing in mind the largest one was probably only 5-10mm long! Thanks for the help... Col.
  2. Hi Lambis Just wondering what ext ring you are using with the 12-24mm - are the edges soft or sharp?
  3. Does anyone know the optimum solution for the 12-24mm in the glass FP-160-5 dome? I'm gettting soft edges with the 30mm ext ring (no diopter). Would the 40mm ext ring or diopters help? However, would prefer not to have to use a diopter if poss... Would the solution be good throughout the zoom range?
  4. Hi In trying to secure my ports I've managed to over tighten them to the point where I cannot separate them! The ports in question are the Nexus multi-port base + 105mm front port. Luckily I've amanaged to get the ports off the housing but really need to separate the two individual ports. Any ideas??????!!!!!! Appreciate any help/suggestions. Col.
  5. I'm hoping this will happen too From memory, I think they did a similar thing when the D70 got upgraded to D70s...
  6. Hi all Thanks for all the excellent info - much appreciated! It looks like TM could be a useful feature u/w esp for some super shy macro stuff like pygmy's. SomeAssembly - thanks for the clip...that was an excellent illustration of what TM can do. Hmm time to modify the housing now...
  7. Hi Dean Thanks for that. My fiance uses the A1 with the Amphibico Buddy Evo (without the telemacro) and is wondering if it's worth getting modified so she can use it. Not sure she'd want to take a tripod u/w though - is the DOF that small? Is it pretty much useless handheld u/w?
  8. I have the same set-up too...works perfectly.
  9. Are you for real??? That boat is insane!!!!
  10. Does the telemacro function on the A1 work well underwater? Any probs using it underwater?
  11. Hi Karl Thanks for the compliments All the macro shots were taken with a Nikon 105 and a D70s. Just got back from a trip to Bali and tried the 105 with the Canon 250D close-up...pretty happy with the results and will post later.
  12. Awesome dive with four mantas at Nusa Penida, Indonesia. Went strobeless and tried the Magic filter for the 1st time - loved it! Should have taken more care though with the direction I was shooting in - ended up shooting into the sun most of the time! Many of the shots were taken far far away. Will be out there again this w/e so will try to get closer! Here are some shots... Fiance shooting mantas Chasing mantas Two mantas cruising by Fiance shooting something Typical Nusa Penida reef scene A few more are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/col-and-ally/...57594135092026/ Please feel free to comment...
  13. Finally got a DSLR underwater a month ago for some excellent muck diving in Lembeh, Indonesia. Here are some favs: Xeno crab (pretty much my 1st shot uderwater using the D70s!) Coconut octopus Pair of Tryon's Risbecia mating Clown fish More can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/col-and-ally/...57594129825903/ Enjoy and please feel free to comment...
  14. ...or if you're located on the other side of the World (Asia, Australia etc), drop an email to Yuzo (info@naturephoto.co.jp) in Japan.
  15. Simon - We're based in Indonesia at the mo' and got the A1 (DV enabled) from Singapore. Wagsy - Still having probs outputting PAL from the Mac -> A1. Just got Final Cut Express HD so will try with that. Mike - You're probably right - maybe they wouldn't have noticed! Next time...
  16. "Why don't they just get a PAL DVD player or latop and use as they can play both PAL and NTSC DVD's and then ask people to submit a DVD" I fully agree Wagsy! That's definitely the way forward! I'll make a last ditch effort at lunch with your suggestion. I didn't really want to win a liveaboard trip for two anyway
  17. Hi Wagsy Thanks for all your help and info! Guess we're stuffed then - arhhhhh!!!!! "Why I Dive" comp is from Scuba Diving mag (Apr 06 - page 8). Prize is a trip for 2 on an Explorer Ventures liveaboard. Entries must be postmarked today (30 Apr). Max 3min video to be submitted on a mini-DV (NTSC) tape . www.scubadiving.com/whyidive Incidentally, are most American based comps this strict on format i.e. NTSC only? ps. Still have the prob of not being able to export the dv from the Mac to the A1...must be a software bug!
  18. Yes way confused. Basically I'm trying to submit a video for a competition in the US. They have requested NTSC DV format on tape. Am I wasting my time?? I have a spare PC-101, does that help? How would you convert if in my situation???
  19. Hi Wagsy Thanks for the quick response! I'm thinking my cry for help may be simpler than I first thought... I have managed to convert the movie into NTSC DV through QT and have re-imported into iM-HD. Now when I try to export to back to the A1 I get the following error box: "Cannot export to camera - Your Firewire camera is not powered on or is not available. This can also happen if you added or removed a device from Firewire. Please try again." The A1 is definitely connected and powered up - I've unplugged/re-plugged many times to re-check. Is this a software bug or the NTSC / PAL conflict that you mentioned?
  20. Just realised this should be in the "Editing, Post Production, and Sharing" forum - can someone move for me please? Hi all I'm trying to export a HD movie created in iMovie HD (iM-HD) (latest version) back onto a miniDV tape in DV format. The A1 is connected to the Mac and shows that it's ready to accept the feed as it's displaying "DVin" on the screen. Go to "Share" in iM-HD and then the transfer should commence...NOTHING!!!! Pop-up boxes keep appearing saying that it cannot find any devices even though in another iM-HD window it says it's there. Any ideas / fixes???? iM-HD has so many bugs! Also, the movie has been created in PAL but converted to NTSC. Once I get the export going, will I have any other PAL-NTSC problems? e.g.NTSC has 4:3 screen ratio while HDV has 16:9??? Colours??? Most urgent is how do I get my video now back into the DV tape???? Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance. Col.
  21. Hi all I want to use the 10.5mm f/2.8 FE on a D70s u/w - do I need to convert images taken u/w with the 10.5 FE (or any other FE) like I would on land? If so, what software is the best to use? Can anyone post a before / after conversion pic so I can see the diff?? Also, anyone know the min. focus of the 10.5 FE? Many thanks Col.
  22. Hi Luiz Look forward to hearing your findings from your test. Col.
  23. Thanks for all the responses. Must admit, I didn't think of replacing the Subal handles but is sounds like a good solution. I currently have a set of Sea&Sea handles that I am using with a digital compact set-up that I could use - anyone know whether these will work / how the Subal handles are connected to the housing?
  24. Hi all Am looking to get a Nexus or Subal housing for D70s. Firstly, do all the buttons on existing D70 housings work for the D70s? Does anyone actually use one? Secondly, I understand that both housings are pretty much at the top of the ladder, however what are the pros / cons between the two housings / systems? Seem to be able to find lots of info for the Subal but not the Nexus. Actually really like the Subal but will be using two strobes so am unsure how to attach the 2nd arm. I'm in Jakarta, Indonesia and would prefer to purchase the housing locally (i.e. SE Asia - Singapore, Hong Kong etc) - any good dealers around and any idea on prices? Thanks for any input received.
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