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  1. The Harbor school on Governors Island take uw donations, they teach commercial diving & are a public HS>
  2. Hi, Interested...Any flexibility? Joe jkfinewoodworking@gmail.com
  3. Hi, Is camera body part of package? Thanks!
  4. Hi, AQlßo interested in TLC arms & a cord id you decide to break up package... Thanks, Joe
  5. Hi, Interested but hoping for lower, keep me in mind if no takers, you're in Tampa & LI? I'm in Brooklyn. Thanks
  6. I've got a few, but tight on diffusers, also in US. PM me if you're interested & what you think would be fair. Good luck! Jozef
  7. Hi, I've got a S & S housing, still using ports, but perhaps....Do you want camera as well? Joe
  8. What did the british pay for Australia…
  9. jozef

    Is it safe?

    Hi, Brad, Save one, I've had very pleasant, fair experiences. Fortunately the exception wasn't a huge loss. Sent me the wrong zoom ring (my fault for not checking as soon as I got it) & two triggerfish slave eyes (both dead: it's a permanent battery). Again I didn't test immediately & it didn't occur to me to confirm old or new model. Perhaps if I'd done my due diligence he would've been responsive. Also research the pay pal protections, they are reassuring. Finally, I operate on the sense that we're part of a community that has a commonality of love & respect for the water that hopefully extends to our co enthusiasts. It's a presumption I'm willing to go on. That should distinguish us from used car salesman… Happy shopping! JOe
  10. Hi… A big S&S fan but Inon's a superior product….Price & accessories compel me to stay w/ S&S….occaisionally exceed their depth rating which puts em at risk…Don't fret manual, If you know how to install batts & clean o rings, the rest is playing… Best of luck! J
  11. Hi, Michelle Sorry for radio silence, working in no wifi area last 2 days…No rush on shipping, I'll take 1 cord, thanks! E mail me pay pal info. THanks! Best, Joe
  12. Hi, Michelle, Thx for response, I'd like to buy strobes. Plese make sure to include diffusers, if you've got them. Pay Pal? Joe
  13. Hi, May have clicked wrong listing. Did you respond via michaellamanson? If so I'll take strobes. Thx!
  14. Hi, Michelle interested in strobes, would take 1-2 sync cords as well… Price? Thx! Joe
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