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  1. Thanks, Aquatic. Luckily, 10Bar makes a S6 to Sea and Sea sync cable. I ordered one up from Aditech and hopefully it works out. Manual is completely fine with me, thanks for pointing that out.
  2. I just received a reply from Juan at Aditech. Super helpful. So it seems that Aquatech uses a special ordered bulkhead that has an S6 bulkhead with a Male Mini connector. Normal S6 bulkheads offered by 10Bar uses a Female Micro connector to connect to the hotshoe plug. I'll attach the email below but what I have is basically different in size and orientation from a normal 10Bar bulkhead. I am going to first try to make a short connection between the hotshoe cable and the bulkhead cable that has female mini connections on either end. If that doesn't work I am going to solder the connections. Hopefully this proves helpful for someone down the road. Hi Take a look at the attached picture, the right Male Mini connector comes with the hotshoe plug that fits the Female Mini connector of the Canon 6pin bulkhead (not the one you have) and the left Male Micro connector on the picture fits in the Female Micro connector of the S6 bulkheadhttp://www.aditech-uw.com/es/tienda/1435-10bar-pa-bh-scm6.html and according to your pictures, you have a S6 bulkhead with a Male Mini (not a Micro¡) connector, it´s clear that you cannot plug your Male Mini connector with any of these, in order to be compatible you should have a Female Mini or Micro type connector. You will have to cut the connectors and solder each individual wires, or if you can wait, we can order to 10Bar one hotshoe Canon plug with a Female mini connector
  3. I have a seemingly unique situation and I am not sure many people have any experience with the equipment I am about to mention, but I hope that it will get me some leads. I have an AquaTech Elite housing for my 5D3, which I use for photographing primarily salmonids in creeks and streams in Alaska and Washington state. This housing has been great as far as it's compact size and minimal weight. I want to start to move towards the marco arena to photograph juvenile salmonids and other smaller fish species, but I am finding out quickly that my strobe options are limited to a housing for a 580EX II which is offered by Aquatech. My Aquatech housing I believe uses a 10Bar 6-pin bulkhead. On the bulkhead is written "SCM6" and I am trying to use this bulkhead to use a pair of hard wired Sea and Sea strobes, as I don't think fiber optics is an option for me (no popup flash or room for a prefabbed led type trigger). The first hurdle is connecting my camera's hotshoe to the bulkhead on the inside of my housing. www.aditech-usa.com in the USA has several 10Bar hotshoe cable offerings and two for the Canon hotshoe. One is specified as a "Canon 6-Pin" and another specified as a "Canon-S6" hotshoe to bulkhead connection. I am assuming the "Canon 6-pin" is to go to something like a housed 580EX II which makes me think that the "Canon-S6" is what i want to go to my "SCM6" bulkhead? Are 6 pin connections all the same? If someone has experience with these cables the bulkhead has a 6 male pin lead to connect to the hotshoe connection. I have seen pictures of both where there's either 6 male pins on the hotshoe connection to the bulkhead and another with 6 female plugs on the hotshoe connection to the bulkhead <is what I need. Then from the SCM6 bulkhead I am guessing that I want the SUBTRONIC standard 6-pin electrical sync cord for connecting 10Bar housing to a INON or Sea & Sea strobe, non TTL offered by Aditech. (10Bar SyC-SHF6-SSM5) which would allow me to connect to Sea and Sea strobes from my 6 pin bulkhead. I guess I would be hesitant to try to switch bulkheads, and I've also noticed the DIY led setup to use optical triggers, but I would like to see if this hardwired setup will work. I would be very very very grateful for any help or advice. Thanks
  4. Hi folks! My name is Jason Ching. I primarily shoot salmonids in streams in Alaska and Washington, something a little different, but extremely fun! Looking forward to picking peoples brains!
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