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  1. I have a Trv-950 with a Gates housing and lights for sale. This is a 3 chip SD system.Though not HDV, it is a tried and true performer. This is a legendary combo that I bought some years ago because of its reputation and I haven't been disappointed. Underwater, it all comes down to how the imager handles all that blue, which is why white balancing is so important, and this camera handles it beautifully. (thats where the HDV's fall short) Have a look at some video samples here: http://www.liquidblueproductions.net/Main_...ater_video.html Here, you will read that I have shot professionally with this rig, its not new but it is in good condition. Mostly because I take Really good care of my gear, but also because its quality equipment. This housing has never flooded, and the dome port is unscratched.(new) It was last in the water 6 months ago. The camera was just tested and worked fine, as do the lights. This package also comes with two UK hid-100 light canons w/ video arms. This system has the batteries in the lights instead of in a separate battery pack. (they are rechargeable however) It cost me $1200. for the lights instead of $4000. and they have performed well for me. I want to sell this as a package. All manual controls and a flip up red filter. The whole package is $1800. not including shipping. Call with questions, Bruce Rudolph 619-309-5155 brucedrummer@gmail.com
  2. Does anyone have info on modifying the stingray 2 for manual white balence. I have been diving with one for a few years and these are pretty great (simple) rigs. The main feature that it lacks for doing really pro UW vid is the abilliy to set the white balance manually underwater.The upgrade to the blue fin is another 1200.us and thats the main thing that it offers. Sooo naturally, im thinking that an after market ikalite manual video camera control mounted thru the back of the stingray cound do the trick on a sony trv950 at a fraction of the cost. Maybee somebody knows someones cousin who...........Etc Bruce
  3. Thanks for the responce on the HC 1000. Its good to get an actual account of UW performance. Hows the colors and the low light performance. I dont really shoot with lights. Bruce
  4. Ive been shooting with a trv25 and an l&m stingray 2. We had some good times but then the system went down in the tsunami in Khao Lak Thialand. My dan H2O insurance paid off nicely and im ready to retool.( Dont leave home without it!!) No problems with the 1 chip really accept that the 3 chip footage that ive seen really does look better than the 1 chip. (sorry to all the 1 chip advocates, I love you but im moving on) The hc1000 from sony that replaced the trv950 has gotten some less than great reviews and it was recomended that I would be better off with a used trv950. Any thoughts ????? Are there any other great three chip (smallish) camcorders out there in the $1000- $1500. price range that are legendary for there great UW performance. (My wife and I have been traveling the world for the last year, teaching diving and shooting UW vid and stills, and the size and wieght are Major concerns.) Also would love feedback and advice on housings. PS: Do you really think that the new sony HD 1 chip will perform better UW than an SD 3 chip???? (The JVC GR-HD1 single chip hd cam didnt really do it)
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