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  1. I am really interested in the arm and the dual cord. If you still have them please contact me at sebastien.bourque@hotmail.ca/ Thank you really appreciated.
  2. At that price I wpulb be interested in the arms. Do you have a double tray as well just asking. Thanks for your time.
  3. Hi Hermit crab, how much would you want for your two arms. Thanks
  4. Hi I would be interested in 1 arm and 1 clamp. Do you know how much shipping would be to ship to Alberta Canada.
  5. Is the tray sold ? The ebay link does not work anymore. Thank you
  6. I will take the tray at that price if you still have it
  7. Would you sell your double tray seperately?
  8. For 80 I will take you dual sync cord for ikelite. Let me know if you still have it
  9. If you still have the dual sync cord I would be interested? Thanks to let me know
  10. Do you still have it. And would you ship to Canada
  11. I would be intrested in the dual cord. Would you ship to Canada Thanks.
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