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  1. I understand your points well. Many are struggling with holding to their bigger DSLRs while have needs to have smaller compact rigs. I chose the Sony over the Lumix. They are top rated, but the a6400 had the features I wanted. Housing costs are comparable given your choice. You should be fine with your strobes and arms. Here is a link. Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ1000 II vs. Sony Alpha a6400 - Sensor Comparison (digicamdb.com)
  2. Sony FDR-AX100 Video camera. Here is the newer version of the housing. AX700 / Z90 - Gates Underwater ProductsGates Underwater Products (gateshousings.com)
  3. I've shot with the Sony a7 for a while. It is superb. I also shot some video. I finally went for broke and bought the Sony FDR-AX100 Video camera and the Gates AX100 housing with the wide angle Zoom port. 4K on the video camera shines. The built in on/off Blue Water filter is a wonder. Video technology is superb with good lighting, the at depth is awesome. Dual duty is a compromise in my opinion. It entails some expense. However, if you are discerning in your work, it is worth it. If you can, try a rental on the video if you can. (11) Turks & Caicos Critters & Things - YouTube
  4. (19) Friends Beneath The Sea - YouTube Check this out. Sony FDRX 4K in a GATES housing with the Wide angle zoom port.
  5. Danco 1 in. OD x 3/4 in. ID, Rubber, #15 O-Ring, 10 per Card, 96732 - Faucet O Rings - Amazon.com Prime overnight free shipping
  6. I made the leap and jumped in the wrong direction. I found that a dedicated Sony 4k video camera was the king. Combined with a Gates housing and wide-angle lens to accommodate the zoom capabilities. The difference is indescribable! The only IF, is affordability. Many of us have to go that route. However, if you can get good used, I would go for it. Gates (or other) mgrs. refurbish to new quality. I love my Sone A7R and it will do just about as good as any DSLR.
  7. I have not had this issue at all. Another on the boat did. Turned out to be something about the flash setting. In the camera. The issue as I remember it is to make sure it is set on "first curtain" for flash.
  8. Unless you are running your video camera all the time, why would you need lights that will last longer than a dive? I have a Gates setup with a Single 10,000 lumen video light. I only use it when the camera is on. I have plenty of power left after two long dives. I make four dives a day and swap batteries over the longer lunch break. Brands are mox nix, Lumens and battery life is key for me.
  9. This whole process has evolved over the last few years. Depending on what post processing software you use, the alternatives you want are usually built in. I place all my post process pics in a "new" folder. That allows me total control over where and what I do with them. Problem most forget is even with high rez jpgs, there is loss when copied. I tend to "move" rather than copy. I have a separate SSD where I place all my work. In fact, I have one for pics and one for video. They are relatively cheap these days and are great insurance. My preference is Samsung Pro 1 terabit.
  10. The first question that popped into my mind is what is your purpose for shooting video? Simply memorializing the trip. Simple and inexpensive will do. If you are serious for the best results, I would go for pro-sumer set up. To that end I wasted time and money on smaller set ups. I now use a top end Sony with a Gates housing. Never looking back! Controlling all the important settings with a zoom through wide angle port is a must. The two camera's you mentioned will give you satisfying results, but not great results. Good luck!
  11. I shoot Wide Angle only. Most intermediate to close shots the strobe do the job. HOWEVER, for ambient light shots, you will be happier with a fast lens. You can improve in post if shooting raw and full frame. However, getting the best in the can is preferred. One other important point is the quality of the dome port. Glass is only way to go for me!
  12. Ikelite Sony A7R III, A7 III, A9 Underwater Housing, 200DL $1,795.00 Sony FE 28mm F2 $449.99 I shoot the FE 50mm F1.8 as a solid midrange - mostly underwater portrait shots. Very fast focus!
  13. I agree with Andrea. I went down the Olympus M -5 and never regretted it. I can do all the things a full size DSLR can do without ANY of the bulk. I also got a 1" Sony compact, and it has a greater range of lenses if that matters.
  14. I shoot in raw and use post processing to get the shot framed to perfection. Once shot, you have what you have. No going back. Why limit your creativity? However, your choice!
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