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  1. Since it came out, I've tried both ways. Finally settled on TTL, since I'm usually shooting stuff that I get one shot. Seahorse, maybe manual or similar critters.
  2. This is what most successful people do while using WB. Learn to easily and quickly switch from "Auto" to your "WB" setting. Also, most people reset WB each 15+ feet or so. I'm a bit lazy so I set mine at 35+ feet and then at around 60. However, at depth I'm usually using strobes. Also, friends that use a card place red squares on the card in order to get a better setting. I use the gray steel tank of a fellow diver. Works well for me.
  3. I love to shoot wide angle, so that is my bias. One can shoot great close ups, but not macro. So, my consideration would be to start with the lens and then build around that. Further, you don't have to stick with the Sony line up. Tamron makes an excellent lens. After many years, I think of a good WA lens in the 9-18 range with most shooting at 12. So, I would consider a 12-24 as a great choice. Also, unless you want to go high complex you might have to give up Macro. Also, don't look past Sigma products either.
  4. Been shooting OM-D for years. I would go for the wide lens. Allows to get close with lots in the frame and great for fish; especially large fish. I shoot the Oly 9-18 and love it. Focus is sharp as a razor.
  5. The reviews say there is a built in "buoyancy" collar. It is normally buoyant due to the volume of the lens. You might try removing the collar and test.
  6. Your Sony camera is very popular for underwater photo. I've been shooting them for years. I would suggest you have a camera shop build you a complete set up. It can get complex going it alone. Backscatter is good and Blue Water Photo as well. I finally settled in on a wide angle set up. If you want some macro you are going to add some big bucks to your rig. Your choice. Other than the housing you are are going to need tray, arms, strobes (2) and sync cords. You might as well get a good light for some video. Your build could get north of $3,000 US.
  7. I use the Velcro weight system. Attach Velcro to inside of housing and weight has the other facing on it to stick. I used the "float the housing" in a pool/fresh water method. Add enough weight to balance and then purchase accordingly. I don't like placing on the outside, but you can.
  8. Check out Blue Water Photo in So. Cal. They have a sharp staff and Scott (owner) is brilliant with all gear. Tom, can solve you question in not time, I'm sure. AND they can connect you with some super divers in the area. https://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/
  9. Have been shooting Oly cameras underwater for many years. The tough series are fantastic and simple. I would try the half shutter and then hit record. A little hunting can be expected depending upon conditions and subject. If you post process, you can delete anything that is prolonged while keeping the "in focus" part of the clip.
  10. I had an Oly OM-D 5 with Wide angle port and 9-18 Oly wide angle lens. Used set up for a number of years and was so-so satisfied. Once bitten, be careful. I moved up to the Sony pro-sumer dedicated video with 1"sensor and Gates, vacuum pump, wide angle lens and 10,000 lumen lighting. Wished I had started here first. For the Oly, I would not use a macro port or fish eye. standard port and 35 MM lens is best. Set ISO for auto, shutter speed to 60 and work with the aperture in manual.
  11. Use a grey or white card both in and out of the housing. This will tell you where the spot is located. Additionally, have you examined the sensor?
  12. I have the Olympus OMD and Sony A9. The above is true for both. Sony a tad more, but USB charging is a snap.
  13. Here are the general settings I've been using. Just took the GH5 and nauticam housing to Komodo. Settings will also depend on how much light you have--ambient and video lights. I used the Olympus Pro Fisheye and 12-50mm lens. Color profile: Natural Shutter Angle: 120 not more than 180 ISO: Auto is fine or manual at times Aperture: Manually adjust for depth of field and light Focus: Auto Stabilization: On Recording: 4k 60p White Balance: Custom (I set two white balances on a grey slate. One with ambient light, one with video lights and switch between the two.) Focus peaking: On Exposure peaking: On
  14. In my long experience a view finder is not a practical nor good alternative to the lcd. Me thinks it is a carry over from years past.
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