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  1. Use a grey or white card both in and out of the housing. This will tell you where the spot is located. Additionally, have you examined the sensor?
  2. I have the Olympus OMD and Sony A9. The above is true for both. Sony a tad more, but USB charging is a snap.
  3. Here are the general settings I've been using. Just took the GH5 and nauticam housing to Komodo. Settings will also depend on how much light you have--ambient and video lights. I used the Olympus Pro Fisheye and 12-50mm lens. Color profile: Natural Shutter Angle: 120 not more than 180 ISO: Auto is fine or manual at times Aperture: Manually adjust for depth of field and light Focus: Auto Stabilization: On Recording: 4k 60p White Balance: Custom (I set two white balances on a grey slate. One with ambient light, one with video lights and switch between the two.) Focus peaking: On Exposure peaking: On
  4. In my long experience a view finder is not a practical nor good alternative to the lcd. Me thinks it is a carry over from years past.
  5. Given the housing is made for your specific camera, it will. Nauticam has been in the M 4/3 market for a long time. It handles other 4/3 lenses as well. Good Luck!
  6. I have this lens in another housing. I would not purchase an expensive port for ambient light. It is best with a strobe.
  7. "The Nikon Z6 and Z7 are the same camera, except for excessive resolution in the Z7 (you can't see it due to Pixel Dumping) and more speed (both ISO and frames per second) in the Z6. Other than that, the only two differences are that the Z7 offers a 4:5 crop option in addition to the 1:1 and 16:9 crops in both, and that the Z7 includes a redundant EH-7P Charging AC Adapter. The real difference is that the Z6 only costs $1,997 and the Z7 costs $3,397 for otherwise the same camera." https://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/mirrorless/z6-vs-z7.htm#:~:text=The Nikon Z6 and Z7,per second) in the Z6.&text=The real difference is that,for otherwise the same camera. My choice based on this would be clear for me. Good luck!
  8. I would add to what TimG said. Soaking the housing is the only way I've learned over the years to truly get the salt crystals. Rinsing does not work. When I get home from a trip, I put weight on or in the housing and let is soak for a minimum of 24 hours. I use "mineral free" water (water softner) to soak and final rinse. Aluminium naturally reacts to salt water. As TimG said, it is relatively impossible to prevent or remove. Salt to fresh as soon as possible. Good Luck!
  9. I tried the Ikelite wide angle and it was not wide enough for me. Here is the lens I would go for with that particular camera. UWL-04 Fisheye Lens It does require an inexpensive adapter. However, you can get very close and acquire great focus and color. Talk to your dealer to make sure the compatibility with the housing you choose. The Ikelite housings are great and this is supposed to work well. Good Luck!
  10. I have used the ATOMIC AQUATICS, Cobalt air integrated since it came out. I like the large colored OLED screen. I hang it on a D ring from my right shoulder. All I have to do is look down and I see everything in living color. I also where a wrist computer (non-air integrated) as a back up. On an expensive trip, I cannot afford 24 hours out of the water. However, since the Cobalt I've never had a failure. But, I like the security. I have your same camera, just another housing! Hope this helps.
  11. For Cocos I much prefer standard wide angle over fish eye. Have fun!!
  12. Ben, I've been down this road. So, don't claim to be an expert, just can share what I learned along the way. I will start with the end first. Nothing I have shot handles video like a dedicated video camera. That is what I shoot today. Key factors I discovered: Sensor size is king. the larger back lite sensors are tops in ambient light (my favorite as well) Frame rate separate from shutter speed settings. Video quality is about proper frame rate, period. Wide angle port and housing WITH the ability to shoot very close or add diopters to port Easy to use white balance WITH the housing Housing is important up to a point. You can spend into the poor house. However, having access for shooting Manual became my most important feature. I like an in housing flip adapter for blue water below 20-30 feet. New or use? I see good set ups on this forum for video only. Check them out. Further, A good set up will future proof you and likely having you shoot the system for many years. I notice you left off the Sony alpha line in your list. Take a look. You will like the specs, I'm positive. Here is a clip I shot years ago with a simple Olympus OMD set up. Uner $2000 Ambient light and whit balanced. https://youtu.be/ONUy-xMeuo0 Good luck, Bill
  13. Ben, I get your story! I tried going the route you are speaking of, but was never happy. Too many trade offs. Have you thought about "building" your ultimate inexpensive rig over time? Start with a good flexible camera and housing. This is critical. Interchangeable lens camera will serve you for a long time. I'm ambivalent on housings. As long as they can allow me to use all the camera options and do not leak, I'm fine. Wide angle may bring about lens and port issues, just as a reminder. White balance; in camera or with a filter. This is a factor if you add a video light down the road. In-camera white balance or external filter would then be required. Sony has outperformed the competition in sensors and processors and make them for both Cannon and Nikon. I use a professional version with the same sensor as on this camera. The 24-70 gives you decent wide angle as well as macro. https://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/fantasea-rx100-mark-v-bundle My current Geara: Sony FDR AX 100, Gates AX100 housing (with internal blue ocean flip filter), Wide Angle Port and 10,000 Lumen video light. After 20 years, getting some stunning 4K! Good luck!!
  14. If you like you current dome size, I would suggest thinking about glass versus acrylic. I have both. The weight difference is very noticeable. My wife, however, has a large acrylic (she protects at all times with a cover). that is 6" and light weight. Lastly, with a nice fisheye lens, I would go wide. Good luck!
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