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  1. Afternoon All. I have been using a number of different camera mounts over the last week or so and have updated the web site with some DIY Builds. http://subsurfacetech.synergize.co/MountLaunch.php Have placed some additional scooter and different mount footage on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/user/SubSurfaceTechs Ta. SubSurfaceTech
  2. Description covering the conversion of readily available 12volt MR16 LED units to 5 ish volts - PWM Driver. http://subsurfacetech.synergize.co/LEDShortMR16Project.php Ta. SubSurfaceTech
  3. All Done. Website and Flickr updated with the Final construction pictures and write up. Just starting a pair of short bodied video lights - converting a 9 Watt MR16 bulb ( 12 volts ) to 5 volts and using a simple MCU controlled PWM driver. In actual fact the torches are finished but I have just started the website updates - will post when complete. Ta SubSurfaceTech
  4. Whilst constructing the latest Dual Head video Lights - http://subsurfacetech.synergize.co/LEDDualHeadProject.php It occurred to me that the same technology could be employed in my primary dive light which is a 35watt HID. As a primary light it is perfect, but for Video it leaves a lot to be desired - you can follow the integration here http://subsurfacetech.synergize.co/HybridHiddeLProject.php The light can be run in Automatic mode - meaning the controlling MCU changes the power setting to the LED's based on the Heat Sink temperature or in manual mode where the power setting can be changed by swiping a hand across the face of the lens. A more detailed description of the control logic and how it is implemented is currently under construction and will be posted when completed. ta SubSurfaceTech
  5. Completed the canister body which integrates a DPV / Scooter mount. Top Plate and integrated controls. Light Heads with integrated RGB Light Guides. Construction pics for all the above can be found on the Dual Head Video page - http://subsurfacetech.synergize.co/L...eadProject.php and higher def pics on Flickr - https://www.flickr.com/photos/subsurfacetech/sets/ Ta SubSurfaceTech
  6. Small update detailing the build for the Monitor & Control system of the Video Light. Construction pic's of the magnetic momentary buttons. Currently finalising the size of a rotary On / Off switch, when this is completed the drawings will be updated and available for download. Ta SubSurfaceTech
  7. Post the Micro light build I felt something a little smaller and more powerful would be acceptable so have embarked on a dual head cannister video light. This will necessitate a remote battery pack and wired configuration but neither of them are going to be big ... You can check progress so far - http://subsurfacetech.synergize.co/LEDDualHeadProject.php Will update thread as the build continues. Ta SubSurfaceTech
  8. Detailed Plans / Drawings uploaded and links available. Ta SubSurfaceTech
  9. Post the build of my Micro Scooter I have just completed a pair of Micro LED Lights to complement my GoPro setup Full construction details of the MicroLights can be viewed here -http://subsurfacetech.synergize.co/LEDMicroProject.php MicroLight summary - Single 3.7 volt 900mA Li-Ion cell 6 watt LED 240 Lumens 6000k Burn time ~ 2Hrs 64 x 33mm 72 grams These are designed to be used in pairs as part of a video configuration and not as primary dive lights. Final tweaks to the detailed plans are just being finalised and will be available for download in the next few days, I will post an update here ... Ta SubSurfaceTech
  10. Hi All Steve from Southampton UK with a passion for DIY dive gear - only just starting out with video, have made a couple of lights so if you would care to take a peak ? http://subsurfacetech.synergize.co/LEDMicroProject.php Ta SubSurfaceTech
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