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  1. Would like to purchase a port ( nau-36135) without scratches in glass, port body doesn't matter. Thanks, Joe jcdovala@verizon.net
  2. Look here to see what this camera is capable of: https://vimeo.com/275934420 No external lighting was used and the WB was set in camera with no post adjustment required.
  3. Gates AX700/Z90 housing and the following: 1) Gates GP 34A Wide angle port 2) Top carry handle 3) Saga 174 67mm single flip diopter clamp (diopter not included) 4) Tripod mount ( no legs) 5) Dive & See HDMI bulkhead 6) Sony AX700 4K (UHD) video camera with NP-FV100A extended battery All purchased around June 2018. In perfect condition. New this rig would be close to 8K. selling for 4500.00 plus shipping
  5. Housing and Macro Port ( 75301), Extension Tubes ( 75042, 75020) only have a couple hours underwater. Also included right handle. All like new! Parts bag, lubricant, manuals, all original boxes. $1400.00 includes shipping lower 48. contact jcdovala@verizon.net
  6. SOLD!
  7. Aquatica zoom gear (49020) essentially brand new - 95.00 includes shipping US jcdovala@verizon.net
  8. Lens has sold - zoom gear still available.
  9. I'd take off another 100.00 from the total price of housing and camera.
  10. I have a D500 with less than 3400 shutter actuations in excellent shape. battery, charger, cables, manual, original box. 950.00 includes shipping lower 48. Would consider "package deal" if buying Ikelite housing that I have listed earlier. jcdovala@verizon.net
  11. Almost new Nikon 8-15mm Zoom Fisheye with case, caps, and original box. Glass is perfect. 750.00 lens only, 850.00 with Aquatica zoom gear. Includes shipping lower 48. Aquatica zoom gear looks new. 100.00 includes shipping lower 48 jcdovala@verizon.net
  12. Will include shipping for 1475.00 Also, may sell nearly new D500 with this housing for ?? You make offer (please be serious)
  13. Macro Mate with mounting rings for Subal and/or Aquatica in very good shape. $35.00 plus shipping. jcdovala@verizon.net
  14. Housing and Macro Port ( 75301), Extension Tubes ( 75042, 75020) only have a couple hours underwater. Also included right handle. All look new! Parts bag, lubricant, manuals, all original boxes. $1475.00 plus shipping. contact jcdovala@verizon.net
  15. No, it is not. Have decided to keep it.
  16. Only has a couple of hours underwater - LIKE NEW! Comes as sold by Ikelite. No ports but with left handle, parts bag, lubricant, manual. Selling as I've moved to D850. $1100.00 plus shipping - that's 600.00 off new price for 2 dives! Reply or jcdovala@verizon.net
  17. Would like this gone - 100.00 plus shipping!
  18. Reducing price to 425.00 plus shipping.
  19. This dome has a scratch on the outside as noted in pics. It only shows up shooting into sun and can be easily eliminated with photoshop. I have moved into dedicated video and do not need this anymore. Also comes with neoprene cover. This dome is almost $1800.00 new but I'm selling for $525.00 plus shipping. Reply or email jcdovala@verizon.net
  20. I'm in Southern CA. Thousand Oaks.
  21. Fully Functional Housing AD810, Camera D810, and Port #18430. Never flooded. Nik V bulkheads. Camera has very low 3826 shutter count. Includes one Watson EN-EL15 battery, Nikon charger, manual $2200.00 complete (no lenses) plus shipping. Housing s/n 20076NK-070 Nikon D810 s/n 3059008 Reply or email direct at jcdovala@verizon.net
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