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  1. My Sherwood Wisdom Dive Computer displays WET across the top even though I have dried it off and have been out of the water for over 48 hours. Every 2 hours that goes by it beeps and starts counting the surface interval from 0.00 to 2 hours then beeps again and starts over. I know the WET stands for the wet contacts have been bridged but what could cause this if the computer has been out of the water for 48 hours. Where are the WET contacts so I can blow them dry or do something? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Will a strobe without a sync cord work with a Olympus C5050 zoom camera? Such as a Sunpak G Flash or a Bonica Neon III. I take a lot of macro and supermacro pic's and want to get rid of the back scatter.
  3. I take mostly macro pictures but when I go to Hawaii, I want a flash strong enough to back light the coral from 4 to 6 feet away. I know the Sunpak says it has a 70 guide at ISO 100, and the sealife says it is a 20 guide. Also the sunpak doesn't have a sync cord but the sealife does. Will the sunpak work in slave mode without a sync cord? If you had $300.00 which strobe would you buy for the C5050 Zoom?
  4. I own the Olympus C5050 zoom with the PT-015 housing. I am in the market to purchase an underwater strobe. I know from reading these articles of some of the compatible strobes such as the Z-220, DS-125, DS-50, YS-90DX, D-180. Is the Sunpak G flash compatible? Is the new sl960D Sealife strobe compatible? I want to try and spend less than $300.00 if at all possible. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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